Yogi Lang - No Decoder - 2010



“No Decoder deals with the inability to project one's thoughts and feelings on another person and consequently with the failed simple attempt to be understood.
A song can only be as good as the message behind it”
(Yogi Lang)


“No Decoder” is the debut album of RPWL's front man Yogi Lang. The final piece of the sound of RPWL, after the solo albums from Kalle Wallner (Blind Ego) and Chris Posl (Parzival's Eye). It has become a very personal album with songs that float free within the emotions and leave certain topics to move drift spherically in time. Yogi gathered a bunch of talented musicians to help him with this recording. The most eye-catching name is however Guy Pratt (Pink Floyd) on bass. There are also special appearances of Anne de Wolff (Rosenstolz), Dominique Leonetti (Lazuli) and of course Kalle Wallner (RPWL). The album is packed in a Digipack with artwork of Judith Reichart. Furthermore, the digital download-package includes a bonus track, which doesn't appear on the regular album.


Yogi Lang - vocals and keyboards; Manni Müller - drums; Guy Pratt - bass; Torsten Weber - guitar; Carmen Maier - percussion

Guests: Anne de Wolff - violin; Dominique Leonetti - vocals; Kalle Wallner - guitar


The album starts with the short and slow opener “Can't reach you”. An atmospheric track with delicate piano and guitar which sets the mood of the album. “Sacrifice” is the longest track (9:30) of the album and could have been a RPWL song. You also could say that you can hear which influeces Yogi has on the sound of RPWL. In the slow second part you can hear a beautiful and relaxed synth solo. After this first highlight we get the song “Our world has changed” which reveals the first Pink Floyd influences. It has to do with the way in which Yogi sings this track. “Sail away” is a beautiful ballad with delicate vocal lines and has also that relaxed Pink Floyd atmosphere. In “Our modern world” the guitar has some country influences. The delicious guitar work in the title track “No Decoder” brings back the Pink Floyd atmosphere. The next track “Alison” is sung in French by the singer of the French band Lazuli. Then we get the second long track (8:08) of the album, entitled “A Million miles away”. Also in this longer track the atmosphere of the music stays very relaxed. In “Say goodbye” we can hear Anne de Wolff who plays the violin. For me this gives a welcome diversity in the music. So the next up tempo song “Sensvalue” is also very welcome. Sometimes we almost get too relaxed by listening to “No decoder” ... and are we craving for a piece of symphonic rock. “Sensvalue” is the most symphonic song of the album. The album ends in style with the short ballad “A better place for me”.


“No Decoder” is a good album and I enjoy to listen to it after a hectic working day. It has a relaxed and dreamy atmosphere. Yogi has a great voice for singing this material. In this review I concentrated on the music, but if you listen to the lyrics the album has even a greater impact. I think that people who like the atmospheric side of Pink Floyd's music also like the album. For RPWL fans “No Decoder” is of course a must. It is the missing link in their RPWL collection.

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Douwe Fledderus - November 2010 -   - Gentle Art of Music