Xanadu - The Last Sunrise - 2011



“heavy prog with some Riverside influences”


The band Xanadu was founded in 2008 by local Polish musicians, who felt to need to play ambitious music with a hint of melancholy, yet with some rock inside. This is the new Xanuda that have in the person of drummer Hubert Murawski the binding factor between the two bands. With the current line-up Xanadu made in 2010 a promo entitled “Violent Dream”.


Michal (Mish) Jarski - vocals; Przemek Betanski - guitar; Janusz Glon - guitar; Adam Biskup - bass; Hubert Murawski - drums & percussion

Guests: Pawel Balcer - keyboards; Marcin Grzella - keyboards, acoustic guitar; Paulina Tomaszewska - vocals


On “The Last Sunrise” you can find the following seven tracks; “Piece of Mind”, “Dark Shadows”, “Miles Away”, “Violent Dream part 1”, “One Moment”, “Vicious Circle” and “The Last Sunrise”.

“Piece of Mind” is a heavy composition with strong Riverside influences. The next songs “Dark Shadows” and “Miles Away” have because of the instrumental parts more diversity and therefore are better in balance. This is also because some vocal parts are sung in a nagging way. The fourth track “Violent Dream part 1” (10:08) is one of the highlights of this album. Besides the aggressive rhythm guitars you can enjoy broad layers of keyboard strings, several nice guitar parts and synth solos. The piece has several rhythm changes and the melodic guitar solo in the second part of this composition give a nice contrast. So far this is the highlight of the album for me. “One Moment” has a slow opening and delicious synth strings. The track has some beautiful vocal melodies and melodic guitar parts. In the second part of this song the tension of the music is slowly building up, not to end in a climax, but to flow into the next melodic part. The short track “Vicious Circle” has a driving rhythm section and some Riverside influences. The album closes with the second long track “The Last Sunrise” (10:15). The opening starts with a nice melodic guitar solo. Then follows a slow and nice vocal part. There is a lot of nice guitar work in this diverse ballad like song. For me the two long tracks “Violent Dream part 1” and “The Last Sunrise” are together with “One Moment” the highlights of this album.


I would like to recommend “The Last Sunrise” of the Polish band Xanadu to fans of that other Polish band Riverside and to fans of progressive metal. For me the progressive songs on this album have the most diversity. For me the two long tracks “Violent Dream part 1” and “The Last Sunrise” are together with “One Moment” the highlights of this album. Just check it out!

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