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“... AOR oriented music ...”


World Trade is/was the band of Billy Sherwood, who earned some fame as co-producer and member of Yes (“Open Your Eyes”). The band made so far two albums that could be categorized as AOR/Symphonic Rock. Their self titled “World Trade” album (1989) and “Euphoria” (1995). Don’t think that many fans expected a new World Trade album anymore. Especially now, after Billy Sherwood was asked by the late Chris Squire to continue the legacy of his work with the band of Chris, the Yes formation with the original members Howe and White. He also took the place of the late John Wetton on the latest Asia tour. Billy Sherwood announced that the new album “Unify” will sound like Yes of the eighties. “Unify” is released on the Italian Frontiers Records label.


Billy Sherwood - lead and backing vocals, bass; Bruce Gowdy - guitars and keyboards; Guy Allison - keyboards and organ; Mark T Williams - drums and backing vocals


On the new and third studio album “Unify” you can find the following ten tracks; “The new Norm”, “Where We’re Going”, “Pandora’s Box”, “On Target On Time”, ”Gone All The Way”, “Unify” ,“ For The Fallen”, “Lifeforce”, “Same Old Song” and “Again”.

This time I won’t review each track of the album. This because I have my doubts if this band is making progressive rock music. For me it is more a kind of AOR music with some Symphonic Rock influences. The album sounds fantastic and has a smooth production. The sound of the album could be categorized as the sound of Yes in the eighties, especially the “90125” and “Big Generator” albums. So you can find top notch vocal harmonies on this album. And the bass and keyboards are positioned in the front of the mix. I like the vocal harmonies and the fine bass playing but not every track of the album has the needed diversity to keep the full attention of the listener. The most interesting tracks for the progressive rock lover are in my opinion the tracks “Where We’re Going” (2), “Gone All The Way” (5), “For The Fallen” (7), “Same Old Song” (9) and for the Yes lovers of the 90125/Big Generator period the track “Lifeforce” (8). I think that I have made a selection now of the tracks that are more than just AOR. But if you like that kind of music (AOR) then you will like this album, so please enjoy.


“Unify” the third studio album of World Trade is an album full of AOR oriented music. I think that this is an album for AOR fans, Billy Sherwood fans and Yes fans who are more into the eighties period when the band released albums like “90125” and “Big Generator.” In other words the more commercial period of that great band. The album sounds great and you can find lovely vocal harmonies on it. The bass and the keyboards are in front of the mix. It is a good album but in my personally opinion the album is missing the diversity and the adventurous ingredients to keep the full attention of the progressive rock lover.

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