Vitral - Entre As Estrelas - 2017

“... a consistent album with beautiful and uplifting music...”


Vitral is an instrumental progressive rock band from Brazil. The band was founded in Rio de Janeiro in the early 80’s and was active for about two years. Composer, multi instrumentalist and founder Eduardo Aguillar found some scores and cassettes with domestic recordings in his old archive. The idea came up to produce an album with his songs composed for the band. At first it would be a solo album, but soon the idea came to unite the old members to participate in the project. Drummer Claudio Dantas immediately accepted the invitation. Two years later the Brazilian label Masque Records has now released the album “Entre As Estrelas”. Besides the original Vitral members Eduardo Aguillar and Claudio the band exists out of Luis Zamith (Icones do Progressivo), Marcus Moura (Bacamarte) and Vitor Trope (Orchestra Rio Camerata). All songs are composed by Eduardo Aguillar between 1983 and 1985 with the exception of the short Estacoes (Seasons) Interlude pieces which were composed in the summer of 2016. The album was recorded between the summer of 2016 and the winter of 2017.


Claudio Dantas - drums and percussion; Eduardo Aguillar - bass, keyboards, all instruments in Vitral except flutes; Luiz Zamith - electric guitars; Marcus Moura - flutes


You are probably aware of the fact that Brazil has produced some excellent bands in the field of progressive rock. To name a view, what about Sagrado Coracao da Terra (Marcus Vianna), Apocalypse, Quaterna Requiem and Tempus Fugit. And more recently bands like Blue Mammoth and Sleepwalker Sun. The last three bands have found a home at the Masque Records label of Gustavo de Azevedo Piava. After this release the label will do a re-release of my favorite Tempus Fugit album “The Dawn After The Storm”. So keep tuned to progVisions.

On “Entre As Estrelas” you can only find 3 songs. Don’t panic ... the second one is a real suite of more than 52 minutes! This title track “Entre As Estrelas” is surrounded by opener “Petala de Sangue” (6:49) and the song “Vitral” (5:12). 

So the album opens with the song “Petala de Sangue”. It is a fine opener with an uplifting and warm atmosphere. The basis of the music is keyboard dominated but you can find beautiful guitar and flute melodies in the music of Vitral. It breathes the atmosphere of the seventies and eighties but the new arrangements sound fresh and modern. A mix of Neo-Prog and Symphonic Rock. When you have listened to this first track you immediately know that you have to buy this album ... and the best is yet to come.

The long suite “Entre As Estrelas” is divided into the parts “Entre As Estrelas”, “Estagao Alfa”,“ Nemesis”, “Estagao Beta”, “Scalabrium”, “Estagao Gama”, “Portais do Tempo”, “Estagao Delta”, “Deimos e Phobos”, “Estagao Epsilon”, “Zodiago”, “Estagao Zeta” and “A Conquista da Terra dos Sonhos”. Well this long suite has it all. Beautiful flute parts, melodic guitar solo’s and loads of keyboards. Especially in the flute parts you will hear the classical influences. In overall the music is uplifting and has that typical warm South American atmosphere. Also the bass and the drums and percussion have their moments to shine. The flutes of Luiz Zamith are playing an important role in the music of Vitral. Later on the synths and the guitars are also leading with beautiful melodies. The music has also the so needed diversity. The Symphonic parts are combined with elements of Folklore and the Classical world. Most of the time the flute is responsible for this. While listening to this beautiful and warm music I suddenly understand why the music of our Dutch band Focus is so popular in South America. Musically I would prefer to compare the music with the music of the Hungarian band Solaris (because of the flute parts). What can I say more, this amazing suite is absolutely the highlight of this wonderful release.

The last song “Vitral” opens with classical influences from the Middle Ages. This atmosphere is combined with beautiful synth and electric guitar melodies. It is a worthy ending of a remarkable album.


“Entre As Estrelas” the new album of the Brazilian outfit Vitral is a consistent album with beautiful and uplifting music. A fine combination of Neo-Prog and Symphonic Rock with elements of the Classical world. You can find the most beautiful arrangements on this album. Besides the keyboards the flute plays an important role in the music of Vitral. A remarkable album which has that typical South American warm atmosphere. Highly recommended by progVisions.

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