Una Stagione all’Inferno - Il Mostro Di Firenze - 2018

“... a story beautifully translated ...”


Una Stagione all’Inferno (A Season in Hell) is an Italian Progressive Rock formation founded in 1997 by Fabio Nicolazzo, coming from Genoa’s Gothic Rock scene, and the Classical trained Laura Menighetti. Fast forward to the year 2011 when the ambitious idea of creating a concept on Il Mostro di Firenze (The Monster Of Florence) was formed. After a long process due to the topic’s complexity, the Italian Black Widow Records label has now released the new Una Stagione all’Inferno album entitled “Il Mostro Di Firenze”. 

The Monster Of Florence is the name used by the Italian media to refer to a series of eight brutal double murders (concerning young couples) that occurred between 1968 and 1985 in the province of Florence. The story about the first serial murder in Italy was very prominent in the media. I will spare you from the horrible details. Despite some convictions the case remains unresolved. There is also a theory that the monster of Florence is one and the same person as the Zodiac. The are many similarities ... in these two unsolved mysteries. At least an intriguing story to serve for a concept album.


Fabio Nicolazzo - lead vocals, backing vocals, acoustic and electric guitars; Laura Menighetti - lead vocals, backing vocals, piano, keyboards, Hammond organ; Roberto Tiranti - backing vocals, bass; Pier Gonella - electric guitars on tracks 1,2,3,4,8,9; Marco Biggi - drums; Paolo Firpa - soprano sax, Akai EWI 4000s; Kim Schiffo - cello; Daniele Guerci - viola; Laura Sillitti - violin


This dark concept has resulted in an intriguing album full of gloomy and spooky Symphonic Rock ... the information sheet is talking about a journey through the wastelands of madness and the occult. You will find some creepy sound effects and spoken parts to enrich that gloomy atmosphere. It all stars with the track “Novilunio” which is also full of those sound effects. The song opens with fretless bass and a beautiful sax or electronic wind instrument melody while you hear the calling of an owl. The killer is outside in the dark night. You are immediately sucked into the concept of the story. The music is intriguing and has a brooding character. In “La Ballata Di Firenze” the band is accompanied by a real string trio. Vocalist Laura Menighetti is singing the lead vocals on top of layers of piano and strings. You can find beautiful classical orchestrations on this fine album. Later the electric guitar takes over the beautiful melody. Both Fabio and Laura are responsible for the lead vocals. This increases the diversity of the music. Fabio has the lead vocal part in “Nella Notte” (In the Night) and the creepy sound effects give praise that a murder is talking place. The next song “Lettera Anonima” is about the anonymous letters that were sent by the serial killer. An aggressive electric guitar gives the song more power. After a short interlude (“Interludio Macabro”) you can enjoy acoustic guitars, lovely synth and multi voiced melodies in “L’enigma Dei Dannati”. A great song with beautiful melodies. The next title “Serial Killer Rock” says it all. The music is more rock oriented. The following two tracks are more my cup of tea. The first one is entitled “Il Dottore”. The Hammond organ is of course indispensable in this kind of music. But it is accompanied by nice guitar and electronic wind instrument parts. The tension of the music is nicely working towards a climax. The longest track of the album is called “Plenilunio” (Full Moon). A song with lovely piano melodies and melodic guitar parts. This is followed by a beautiful Electronic Wind instrument and string trio part. For me this song is absolutely the highlight of the album. Because of the Classical influences and the use of the string trio the overall atmosphere is Symphonic Rock oriented. Those Classical influences are illustrated at the end of the song. Laura is playing “Prelude in E minor Op.28n4” a Classical piano piece of Frederic Chopin. The album ends with a secret track that is full of creepy sounds. Don’t listen to this just before you go to sleep. You will meet the monster of Florence in your dreams.


When you are listening to this concept album about the monster of Florence you will be immediately sucked into the story. The story is beautifully translated into an intriguing piece of music full of great melodies and orchestrations. The use of samples and sound effects in the music is enriching your listening experience. It gives you a glimpse into the disturbed mind of a serial killer. Because of the concept the music is of course dark and sometimes creepy, but you can find lovely melodies and beautiful orchestrations on this album. Great Symphonic Rock with a lot of Classical influences. Personally I enjoyed listening to this album very much. If you like the darker side of Progressive Rock, please check this one out.

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Douwe Fledderus - September 2018 -   - Black Widow Records