Unreal City - Frammenti Notturni - 2017


“... Food for RPI (Rock Progressivo Italiano) fans ...”


Unreal City the Italian progressive rock band from Parma will release their third album “Frammenti Notturni” at a release party in the small but cozy 't Blok venue in Nieuwerkerk aan den IJssel, The Netherlands. It will be the third time that the band is having a live gig in this venue. The party is organized by the ProgFrog foundation. Kalisantrope, also a young Italian progressive rock band, will be the supporting act. So far Unreal City released two wonderful albums. “La Crudelta Di Aprile” and “Il Paese Del Tramonto”. The later received a Highly Recommended rating here at progVisions. Both Dutch gigs were very enjoyable and showed especially the talents of leader, composer, vocalist and keyboardist Emanuele Tarasconi. The new album will be released on September 10th 2017.


Emanuele Tarasconi - keyboards, Theremin, acoustic guitar, vocals; Francesca Zanetta - guitar, Mellotron; Dario Pessina - bass; Marco Garbin - drums

Camilla Pozzi - vocals; Matteo Bertani - violin


The album opens with a long suite entitled “La Grande Festa In Maschera” which is divided into the following parts; “Desir”, “Exitacion”, “Plateau”, “Orgasme” and “Resolution”. This is in my opinion also one of the highlights of the album. The first two parts are instrumental. In the first part “Desir” Emanuele is showing off his skills on the several keyboards he uses. After this uptempo opening piece in Unreal City style the part seamlessly flows into the second part “Exitacion”. It is a short but very beautiful piano piece which will remind you of the French Neo Classical composer Erik Satie. The middle piece of this suite is formed by the “Plateau” part. The vocals in this part are divided between Emanuele and guest singer Camilla Pozzi. The vocals are sounding somewhat different then on the previous album. On “Il Paese Del Tramonto” they were more into the front of the mix. But maybe this idea is formed in my head because I was so impressed with the vocal capabilities of Emanuele at the Dutch live gigs. The last two parts of the suite are also instrumental. They are called “Orgasme” and “Resolution”. In both parts you can find some keyboard acrobatics.

The second track is called “Le Luci Delle Case (Apente)”. It has a slow opening with violin, organ and electric guitar. This piece includes some nice bass lines and piano work. Some uptempo parts reminds me of the Italian band PFM. I love the passionate sung vocals and the instrumental ending of this piece. In “Barricate” you can find passionate sung vocals and some lovely vocal melodies. But on this album the vocal melodies are not so catchy as on the already mentioned predecessor “Il Paese Del Tramonto”. “Il Nido Delle Succubi” is a diverse track with some great melodies. As always the music of Unreal City is keyboard oriented but you can also find some melodic guitar parts in this track. Besides all the synths, organ and Mellotron the band also uses an instrument like the Theremin in this piece. The album closes with a song called “Arrivi All' Aurora”. This is the piece with the most beautiful melodies. Lovely Mellotron and piano parts and nice melodic guitar and synth solo's. A worthy closing of this fine album.


“Frammenti Notturni” is an album that has to grow. You have to listen to it several times before it shows it's beauty. This said I also have to admit that in my personal view this album is not as strong as it's predecessor. I was hoping for more musical development in the guitar and violin departments. But maybe I have to be more patient, Unreal City is a band that consists out of very young musicians. But the most talented musician is off course composer and bandleader Emanuele Tarasconi. He is a very talented keyboard player and a vocalist who is very convincing at their live gigs. There is a lot of positive energy and passion at their gigs. If you are new to the band I would prefer to start with the predecessor “Il Paese DelTramonto” which has more catchy melodies, but as Unreal City fan you know what to do. Food for RPI (Rock Progressivo Italiano) fans.

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Douwe Fledderus - September 2017 -   - AMS/BTF Records