Timothy Pure - Island of the misfit toys - 2000


Sometimes, criticizing CD’s is certainly difficult, especially when we talk about works whose international impact and critics all over the world are full of sentences like "masterpiece", "buy it or die", etc. This is Timothy Pure‘s case, a band formed by André Neitzel (bass), Matthew Still (keyboards, vocals), Zod (guitars), and Chris Wallace (drums), and whose previous works -especially "Blood of the berry" - have been classified as authentic jewels of the progressive genre. Well, "Island of the misfit toys" has not been acclaimed less than the other ones. And there are enough reason for that: perfect and clear production, very professional musicians and themes that will probably please any progressive listener. Tracks that are melodic enough and with great doses of instrumental developments that absolutely nobody would find objectionable. Very good keyboard and guitar parts, crescendos and rhythm changes everywhere that can only foretell a chemically perfect album.


Splitting the CD into its different sections, we can say that it begins with the Floyd-like "A damp preserve" (2:33) that introduces one of the best parts of the disc, "The fly-man and the snake" (5:21), a track that includes a beautiful piano intro that ends up as a part of some rhythmic moments in which the lead guitar and the keyboards become the main point of the music. "Finders keepers" (6:19) has an enigmatic beginning with a Gilmour like guitar playing and dreamy keyboards that softly surround the voices while creating a higher emotional intensity as minutes pass by. "Hush" (4:22) is a very Neoprogressive theme, full of intensity changes, a beautiful piano leitmotiv that stands out of the keyboard layers and vocals. "The engine roars" (2:06) brings us back those Floyd moments, the way T. Pure have always mastered, as a personal and catchy song full of keyboard sections. "Tribes" (5:50) has some ethnic rhythms and also a great similarity with Saga, although, of course, much better than any of Sadler and Co.’s songs, mainly in the right use of rhythm changes, in keyboards and in those impressive guitar solos signed Zod, one of the most interesting progressive guitarists of our time.

"Playground politics" (6:33) is definitely one of the best parts of the album, with an impressive opening guitar solo. The tone itself, and even Still’s voice, have certain similarities with Fish’s works, of course, always keeping Timothy Pure's own personality. "Mia´s game" (3:33) is a semi-acoustic composition, full with sensibility and intensity that includes an amazing ending. "Misha superhero" (8:31) is the height of this CD, with a very experimental introduction and full of rhythm changes that will delight every single listener. Guitars, keyboards, bass and drums demonstrate their whole potential without falling in any stupid ego demonstrations. Really good. Another sample of brilliantness is included in "Island of the misfit toys" (7:01), a very touching and intense composition that it owns a dark beauty in every single moment before closing with an ending that will certainly be remembered for a long time. "Behind the front" (5:52) begins as a part in which the voices are supported by some beautiful keyboard melodies and harsh guitars. At the end, the song brightens up, becoming a great melodic theme. "Channels" (3:17) is a complete instrumental madness that shows the band’s great capacity. "Safe" (4:29) is another beautiful track full of different feelings, colors and tastes and "Soil" (2:38) gives the record a perfect moment of intimacy.


OK, it was "Island of the misfit toys", a very, very good CD that may please you very much and that shall not disappoint you at all if you make acquire it, especially if you already know Pure’s works or if you like the softest Floyd. Anyway I take advantage of the occasion to make a personal reflection: if many critics consider that this album is a true masterpiece or if they say buy it or die, what would those critics say about works like "Close to the edge" or "The dark side of the moon"?. "Island of the misfit toys" is a very good record, and it is worth buying it – though I prefer "Blood of the berry" - but Timothy Pure can still do a lot better, so I do hope they will not pay too much attention to those kind critics and continue working.

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Alfonso Algora - July 2000 -   - Isosceles