The Dreamside - Mirror Moon - 2001


The Dreamside is a Dutch band lead by the singer and composer Kemi Vita. After a successful beginning "Pale blue lights" (95); "Nuda Veritas" (96); and "Apaika" (97), the career of the band stopped until 2001 when they sign with a new label to release Mirror Moon. The Dreamside´s line up is completed by Cees Viset (guitar), Fried Bruggink (e-bow guitar), Roman Schonsee (bass), Reinier Kahle (keyboards), and Jaro (violin).


The Dreamside´s music is certainly hard to define since they use different elements coming from different musical styles, although the ethnic melodies and the oniric atmospheres always prevail. If I had to give you some references, I would mention artists such as Björk, Dead Can Dance, Lacrimosa, Theatre of Tragedy of the third CD, The 3rd and "Mortal", "Two Witches", and, why not?, also the last "Paradise Lost". For this reason we can find in this CD electro-dark tracks such as "Mirror Moon", "Fallen Angel" or "La Tempesta", with an elegant ethno-dance production; mysterious and beautiful tracks as "Above Below Around" or "Fairy Child"; moments of more impact and electricity such as "Get away"; and calm tracks with great intensity such as "Symbol", "Eurytheia", "Forever and a day" or the acoustic marvel titled "Wonders". It is necessary to mark that Kemi sings not only in English language but she also sings in other languages like French or Italian.



Maybe there will be a lot of people who think that this CD is not of progressive... even it should not be classified as "related music", but possibly there are many progVisions readers who, after a test first listening at the favorite record store, will finally be interested in this band. If you like a cocktail of programmed rhythms, 80´s dark-wave, heavenly voices, and ethnic elements, you already know the name of the bar: The Dreamside. Strange but beautiful.

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