Tantra - Delirium - 2005


“I will rather jump in the unknown than walk!
For to walk I would have to believe in reality ...”


Two years ago I wrote: ... I am completely overwhelmed by the tension and emotion the band has put into “Terra”. They are playing a kind of “Symphonic & Progressive Fusion” with a warm Latin touch because of the Portuguese vocals ... And now there is a new album entitled “Delirium”.
Tantra is still making music for the adventurous prog fan.


Manuel Cardoso - Vocals, lead Guitars, occasional Keyboards, Production and Arranging; Guilherme da Luz - analog Synthesizers; Bébé - Drums in “Nostalgia” and “The pain”; Bruno Silva - rhythm Guitars
Special guest: Pedro Luis Neves - Piano in “Nostalgia”, “Cantata”, “Commitment to love II ” and “Heaven”

Guest Musicians: Pedro Sales - Keyboard leads; Lucio Vieira - Bass in “Nostalgia”, Luis André - Keyboards in “Delirium”; Fredy Souza - Drums; Jean Luc “Snuff” - Bass
Voices: Zé Fernando - Choirs in “Heaven”, “Delirium” and “Salutation”; Lu - Vocals in “The pain”; Jenny - Poem “Aimer” in “Heaven”s


First of all I would like to mention to you that reviewing Tantra's music is not an easy job. There are no references to their music. This is true progressive music and Tantra has it's unique style. My first impression is that this album is more complicated than “Terra” (“Terra” has more melody) and is not for a big audience. As listener you will have to put some energy into it (listening with a lot of concentration) before the album will show it's beauty.

Except the title track “Delirium” all compositions are made by Manuel Cardoso. He is still the driving force behind Tantra. “Sea Maiden” was composed based on improvisations by the band. A dark orchestral opening, passionate vocals, analog synthesizers and complex rhythms and melodies. This is the music of Tantra. But if you listen carefully the music slowly develops and gets more and more melody ... before it abruptly ends. “Nostalgia" which is divided into the parts “Memories”, “The search” and “Nostalgia” opens with beautiful and melodic electric guitar. The analog synthesizers and the organ gives the piece that special feeling of the seventies. “Cantata (of Love and Death)” is one of the more complex compositions with jazzy bass and piano parts next to the synthesizer and guitar soundscapes. It has also rhythm breaks and melodic electric guitar. A complex mix of all the ingredients of Tantra's music. “Commitment to love” is a short and delicate solo piece on the classical (acoustic) guitar. A little rest point before the complex rhythms of the up tempo “Toccami”. Because Cardoso plays the electric guitar in a melodic way, the music is melodic and complex at the same time. “The pain” is full of nice melodies and the tension is working towards a breathtaking climax. One of the longer pieces on this album is “Heaven”. Jenny is reading a French poem entitled “Aimer”. The music is very orchestral and the female voice of Zé Fernando sounds like in the opera. “Commitment to love II ” a short intermezzo, is played on piano by former Tantra member Pedro Luis Neves (“Holocausto” period). “Lord of Doom” is about “JJ Snuff's” clinical death experiences. In this piece you can hear the jazz fusion influences that are also present in Tantra's music. The album closes worthy with the title track “Delirium” and “Salutation (The other side - Welcoming Gathering)” . For me together with “The pain” the highlights of the album. Like on their previous album “Terra” you can hear the Tantra I love. “Delirium” with an overwhelming tension and emotion is working towards a climax with broad orchestral keyboard layers and a soaring melodic guitar solo. “Salutation” with orchestral keyboards, jazzy piano, melodic vocal choirs and the always present melodic electric guitar work of Manuel Cardoso.


The analog synthesizers of Guilherme da Luz are giving Tantra's music a seventies feeling. And the melodic and passionate guitar parts of Manuel Cardoso are giving the complex music of Tantra a kind of entrance for prog lovers who normally not listen to this intelligent, highly original, progressive and emotional music. Personally I find “Delirium” a little less accessible for starting prog lovers. If you don't have any records of this Portuguese band, I recommend to buy first the “Terra” album . You will be blown away by this passionate and emotional music. After that I am sure you will also give “Delirium” a try.

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Douwe Fledderus - October 2005  -   - Independent Release