Scott Mosher - Virtuality - 2002


The best way to describe Scott Mosher’s music is a cross between Ayreon and classic Rush. Mosher, the New York-based ultra musician created this second release as a veritable one man operation; playing most instruments, composing, arranging, producing the music and packaging the CD. And what a package it is – over 72 minutes of ambient, neo-progressive cyber rock housed in a brilliant 16 page booklet of fantastic computer artwork, all done by Mosher himself.


The overall production of the music (which I’ll get to in a minute) is also of the highest order. It’s an extremely clean, powerful recording. The mix features boldly separated tracks and layers of subtleties that keep the music blazing on warp speed one moment, then echoing to an ethereal timber the next.

Mosher is aided on several tracks by Todd Corsa’s vocals and lead guitar and Mickey James on Bass. Corsa is a virtual deadringer for Geddy Lee and his vocals embellish the late seventies Rush sound. However, Mosher’s work is far from a carbon copy. Though his use of computers and sampling is in the spirit of the day, there’s enough melody and complexity in the compositions to make the music his own.

Mosher’s first release, “Ambient Earth”, was – as the title suggests – more in the ambient, space/electronic vein. “Virtuality” is much more harder edged. Its cutting guitar thunders through the swirling vortex of keyboard sounds is highly reminiscent of Ayreon’s work and will certainly appeal to Lucassen’s legions of fans.

I’m not about to single any song out because the whole CD is good, if not great in most places. Lyrics are included and create - according to Mosher - themes of industrial development, environmental destruction, and technological progress. Mosher has strong political views and his music lets them be known. The structure of “Virtuality” loosely follows a thematic parallel to Hawkwind’s concerts, minus the sloppy playing and bad sound. You’ll have a sweeping instrumental bridging longer, more developed tracks which may or may not incorporate vocals. The CD does not contain any filler whatsoever.


With so much superb music to listen to on one CD and the great packaging that comes along with it, this has to be the buy of the year. And to add to that personal touch, you can buy the CD directly from the artist.

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