Sleepless - Wind blows higher - 2002


I don´t have many information about this Israeli duo. I know they´ve achieved very positive reviews in gothic media with their early demos and now with their debut album. It sounds very strange because the music is progressive rock and has nothing to do with gothic rock.


The music of Sleepless (David Bendayan (vocals), and Maor Appelbaum (all instruments) is very atmospheric, plenty of beautiful intermingled voices and whispers and some (few) aggressive vocals recorded at a low volume. The music is beautiful and oppressive without electric excesses and mainly focused on hypnotic rhythms with bass/percussions which are the base of pianos, keyboards and vocals.

The main influences we can notice in the music are bands such as Pink Floyd, especially in tracks like “Winds blow higher” and in several sax solos and spacey keyboards; anyway the best place where Sleepless could be labeled is the dark-progressive genre of bands such as Anathema, Tiamat, Decoryah or The Gathering. Not as experimentalists as Decoryah but more original than The Gathering. Followers of bands like Dead Can Dance and space-freaks fans of Hawkwind saga will enjoy a lot with this Cd.

I won´t remark any track because all of them follow the same line. This is the kind of Cd you love or hate. For me this Cd is like mexican food… I love it but my stomach doesn´t allow me those excesses, so I think that Sleepless is a great band but they´re too “cold” and “ethereal”. Anyway, the Cd is very good and it´s very recommended to open-minded progheads and related music´s fans. Pink Floyd´s (psychedelic era) fans should give them a chance too.


If you want further information please check their website.

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Alfonso Algora - July 2002 -   - Raven Music