Silver Lining - The Inner Dragon - 2006


“A concept album with fantasy lyrics and strong symphonic touches”


Indelspeen was a band which toured in the Lyon region during the eighties. Formed by Nicolas Mourachko (guitars) and Pascal Indelicato (piano & keyboards), it featured Antoine Van Limburg (drums), Pierre Moissonnier (bass & vocals). Indelspleen is dead now. But the two founders are still alive and kicking: with Thierry Sportouche (Anoxie's lyricist), they formed Silver Lining in 1998. Pascal Indelicato, the main composer, is specialized in symphonic orchestration: he wrote several works among which "Résurgence" which blends synths with classical music. He thus played several tracks for a symphonic orchestra live. He is a sound engineer and has a recording studio ("Music Labo"). At that time the band also features Michel Mourachko (bass), Annie Morel (violin) and Alain Descombe (drums). The band plays as guest at the Ange concert in Vesoul (700 persons), in Lyon with Cortiane and with Exsimio (an outfit from Chile). They record a limited edition EP (4 songs) for that occasion. Alain Descombe (drums) leaves the band in March 2003. In April 2004, Musea releases "The Inner Dragon", Silver Lining's debut album recorded in Pascal’s studio. In September 2005, David Pelade (drums) rejoins Silver Lining. The band plays as guest at the Ange concert in Lyon. Acid Dragon magazine releases in March 2006 "Lyon Hearted", the DVD of this concert. In November 2006 Silver Lining plays as head liner at the 10th edition of the Dutch Progfarm festival with Yesterdays, Flamborough Head, Also Eden, Splinter and Ghiribizzi.


Thierry Sportouche - Voice; Nicolas Mourachko - Guitars, Backing vocals; Pascal Indelicato - Piano, Keyboards; Annie Morel - Violin; Michel Mourachko - Bass

Serge Tziganov - Fretless Bass; Alain Descombe - Drums; Jimmy Oihid - Oriental Voices


With “Fall” the CD opens with nature sounds and a beautiful classical piano part before the synthesizer joins and the first narration part is told by Thierry Sportouche. “Overture” starts with a aggressive rock guitar before the whole band joins with melodic sympho. The first thing you will notice is that there is a violin, played by Annie Morel, in Silver Lining's music that makes the difference. The sound reminds me of Takashi Kawaguchi from the Japanese band Outer Limits. This piece seamless goes into the first long track of the album “Opaline” which starts again with a piece of narration. Then you will surprised by the wonderful melodies of Silver Lining's music where orchestral keyboards, violin and guitar are stealing the show. Beautiful soaring melodies played on electric guitar and violin. “Opaline” develops into a great sympho piece which is diverse and the tension works to a sort of climax. In “The Morning Dew” every band member gets the time to play some solo's. The interaction between the guitar and the violin makes the music special. “Castaways” is an uptempo sympho piece and at one point the name of the also French band Arrakeen came to my mind. Title track “The Inner Dragon” is the second of the three long compositions on this album. The band shows a lot of power in the first minutes. Then the beautiful melodic parts are returning. The sound of guitar player Nicolas Mourachko reminds me in this song again of Sylvain Gouvernaire of Arrakeen. In “The Desert Gates” Nicolas plays a wonderful melodic guitar solo. “Lovestalgia” has besides the sympho also some folky influences. After the short intermezzo “The Feast” with acoustic guitar, the CD closes with the third long track called “Finale”. The band shows again their powerful sympho and the delicate and melodic parts on violin and guitar.


“The Inner Dragon” of French band Silver Lining is a remarkable debut album. Silver Lining is making beautiful melodic symphonic rock. The violin makes their music even more diverse. One of the big surprises of 2006. If you like soaring guitar and violin solo's in your prog you won't be disappointed by this wonderful album.

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