Sisare - Leaving The land - 2018


“... a consistent album ...”


“Leaving the Land” is the second album of the Finnish progressive rock quartet Sisare. The album has been released on the V.R. label Finland. The band originally made metal music but has, in the words of the info sheet of the label, developed into Utopian rock. And what about progressive rock without keyboards ... is that even possible? Guitar player and vocalist Severi Peura says about this the following: Sisare gives me the opportunity to search for new dimensions and narrate in free form, but without the possibility of using keyboards. This challenges me to find new perspectives to guitar arrangements - making every new composition an exploration to the very core of art rock.


Severi Peura - vocals & lead guitar; Timo Lehtonen - guitar; Hermanni Piltti - bass; Rauli Elenius - drums


You can find the following six tracks on this second Sisare album; “Escape”, “Mountains”, “Geno”, “Pace”, “Shattered” and “Perception”. 

“Leaving the Land” is a consistent album with a warm atmosphere. For me it is probably an exception that, as a keyboard lover, I review an progressive rock album without any keyboards. This could be seen as the first compliment to the band. Most of the time albums without keyboards can’t keep my full attention. So in this aspect Severi Peura did a wonderful job with his guitar arrangements. The second compliment is that he is a great vocalist with a warm voice. A voice that reminds me sometimes of Stefan Zell, the vocalist of the band Wolverine. The track “Mountains” has lovely guitar parts and a relaxed atmosphere that reminds sometimes of the mellow side of the band Opeth. The ending with the two guitars is more post rock oriented. Another personal highlight of this album is the track “Pace”. A track that includes some wonderful vocal melodies and jazzy guitar parts. Those jazzy guitar parts develop into a somewhat freaky guitar solo. A track with great diversity. Those beautiful vocal melodies you can also find in the track “Shattered”.


I like the progressive and art rock side of the band. The post rock guitar parts are not my cup of tea. My favorite tracks are Mountains” and Pace”. You can find some wonderful vocal melodies on this album. The album is consistent and the overall atmosphere is warm. As reference for the music you could mention the mellow side of Opeth and in the vocal department I had to think of Stefan Zell, the vocalist of the band Wolverine. This said I would like to emphasize that Sisare is developing its own sound.

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Douwe Fledderus - July 2018 -   - V.R. label (Finland)