Singularity - Between sunlight and shadow - 2003

“somewhere between what you feel and you know…”


Singularity is band from America which was founded in 1997 by drummer Jamie McGregor, keyboardist John Green and then-bass player and lead vocalist Andrew Goldhawk. Their goal was to write and record original music that reflected their individual and collective influences. With Matt Zafiratos on guitar they recorded their first album “Color of space” in 2000. When Andrew left the band they decided to continue as a trio. Matt Zafiratos picked up bass duties and all three of them explored their vocal ranges. In late 2002 the band released their second CD called “Between sunlight and shadow”.


John Green – Keyboards, Vocals; Jamie McGregor – Drums, Vocals; Matt Zafiratos – Guitar, Bass, Vocals.


Their debut album included some more up-tempo tracks with little Rush influences. But the quality and originality that the band possesses was already shinning true the music of that first album. Especially the delicate keyboard work of John Green grabbed my attention. The last track of that album (“Lenses”) counted 15:50 minutes and is in fact a mini suite that exist out of different themes which are melted seamlessly together. With “Between sunlight and shadow” the band has developed this idea further. The album is one long piece of music that counts 43:28 minutes. Also the lyrics are printed in the booklet as one song. However the album is divided into 15 parts.

The first thing that you will notice when you listen to this second album (if you know their debut album) is that the band has improved a lot on different fronts. Not only the sound quality is much better but the band improved also on the compositional and musical skills on their instruments. And instead of one lead vocalist the band has now three good voices that gives variation and can provide other vocal colors when they are singing together. The album is divided into the following parts: I.Drive – II.Invictus – III.Stratum – IV.Flight – VI.Inferno – VII.In passing – VIII.All comes down – IX.Ground zero – X.Still – XI.Hold a candle – XII.Traces – XIII.Metamorphosis – XIV.Coming undone –XV.Infractus. Only the display of your CD player will tell you at what part you are listening. This is in fact a very good concept album.


The album has everything a good prog album needs. The overall atmosphere is intimate and delicate. There are up-tempo parts and solos but everything is just a part of the whole concept. I am very impressed by the skills of John Green. His keyboard work is often delicate and nowhere freaky. Composition and melody that are the ingredients that makes music interesting. Also I like that the acoustic guitar has found a place in this long and variated track. My conclusion is simple: “Between sunlight and shadow” is a very good album from a talented band. It seems that the band is already working on a third album. progVisions will keep you informed.

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