Sol Invictus - Hill of crosses - 2000


2000 has been a great year to enjoy Sol Invictus. Besides the live Cd "Trieste" (which review you have already read or are ready to in progVisions, Tony Wakeford (voice, guitar, bass) offers us a collection of 10 pieces of his best band, with Matt Howden (violin, voice), Karl Blake (bass, voice), Eric Roger (trumpet, cornet), Sally Doherty (voice, flute), Renée Rosen (piano) and Jane Howden (voice).


"Hill of Crosses" continues with the line shown by the former albums of Sol Invictus although with certain differences that will maybe surprise the habitual followers of the band. Although pieces as the fabulous "Chime the day" (followed by "Eve" and "Chime the night"), "German Requiem", "The streets of many murders"; and the wonderful end of "The hill of crosses" maintain the usual patterns of Sol Invictus' discography; other songs deliver new structures never before used by Tony like "Black dawn" -with a spirit of decadent dark jazz -; the hypnotic "December song"; or the martial "God told me to" -in which the industrial and the traditional shake their hands -; or the approach to the music of Lithuania in "Hundreds".

The review of "Trieste" and Hill of crosses are quite shorter than the usual since I want to start writing a biography of Tony Wakeford in which I will comment on Sol Invictus' discography as well as that of his other projects such as L´Orchestre Noir, so I do not want to flood you with biographical information that would be repeated in the article.


Regarding "Hill of crosses" I only have to say that it is another great example of the compositive and artistic capacity of Tony Wakeford, although he maybe has exceeded himself a little when trying to introduce new elements in Sol Invictus's sound. The proposal of this magician of contemporary music takes root in past times and reminiscent songs of cults and forgotten wars. If you want to introduce yourselves in the wonderful and enigmatic world of Sol Invictus, I would recommend you some of their first works and of course the fabulous "Trieste". Nevertheless, Hill of crosses is a work that is recommended for its own merits. This is truly progressive.

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Alfonso Algora - December 2000 -   - Tursa Records