Sailor Free - Spiritual Revolution (-part two-) - 2016



“Now you are Entropia and Entropia is you, and you can change everything ...”


The Italian band Sailor Free is sailing in free waters since 1991. The band released in the year 1992 their untitled debut album on the Italian label Tide Records and the successor “The Fifth Door” was released by the Americans of The Laser's Edge in 1994. Inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien's story “The Silmarillion” the band rejoined in the year 2010 to work on a concept album. In 2012 the band released the album “Spiritual Revolution -part one-” on Tide Records. After releasing two singles in 2015 the new album “Spiritual Revolution -part two-” is now (2016) available. The new album features old and new band members. The sound confirms the route of fully creative freedom, that has always been one of the main distinctive features of the Sailor Free projects.

The concept of the album:
“The story of the Spiritual Revolution Messengers and their fight to get Entropia, a device that could give free energy for the whole world leads to it's conclusion. Than everything change, and suddenly you realize you are playing the lead role, you are the hero and the hero is you, as it is Entropia. A kind of displacement. Now you are the player and the listener, and the player is the play and is you. Now you are Entropia and Entropia is you, and you can change everything ...”


David Petrosino - vocals, piano, keyboards, guitar; Raimondo Mosci - drums; Alphonso Nini - bass; Stefano Toni - drums; Stefano Barelli - guitar; Lorenzo Canevacci - guitar; Cecilia Amici - backing vocals; Stefano Ribeca - sax


What about the music of the band. It has been labeled in the past as art-rock, progressive, psychedelic and alternative. The best thing about this album is that as a reviewer I struggle to put the music in a box and give it one of those mentioned labels. Simply because the music is highly original and refreshing. So you could say that this is a progressive art-rock album. And this is a big complement nowadays. All compositions are written by David Petrosino.

Because I won't review the album song by song, I will give you the track list of the album; “Spiritual Overture II”, “The maze of Babylon”, “Society”, “The fugitive”, “Amazing”, “Game over. It's me”, “We are legion”, “Special laws”, “Cosmos”, “About time” and “Revolution soul”.

After an ambient sounding short “Spiritual Overture II” the first real song is called “The maze of Babylon”. After an old school King Crimson opening the atmosphere of the track becomes more mellow and the story is told by delicate sung vocals. Halfway the track the King Crimson influences returns once more. When the track is working to it's climax the jazzy sax of the King Crimson influences is melted into the music. Like the “Overture” the short pieces “Society”, “Game Over” and “Cosmos” (love this one!) are showing the electronic and experimental influences in the music of Sailor Free. These short and enthralling instrumental pieces are woven nicely between the vocal tracks. The track “Amazing” has a relaxed atmosphere and has nice melodies, vocal refrains and some very nice instrumental parts with piano, guitar and a synth solo in the end. “We are legion” opens with a relaxed jazzy guitar part and has also those melodic vocal parts. In the instrumental parts of this song we can enjoy some nice guitar solos but the overall atmosphere of the piece is on the mellow side of progressive rock. “Special laws” has also that relaxed atmosphere with some jazzy rhythms. The music slowly works towards a climax with some aggressive guitar parts. The song “Revolutionary soul” with a slow rhythm ends this remarkable album.


Sailor Free made with “Spiritual Revolution -part two-” an intriguing album that you have to give some time to grow. The music is often on the mellow side of progressive and/or art-rock. The album is in balance because the longer vocal tracks and the shorter instrumental and more experimental parts are nicely spread over the album. And what is also very important, the sound of this recording is just amazing. It has a transparent sound quality ... so you can hear every little detail in the music. As reviewer and open-minded music lover I enjoyed listening to this enthralling album very much.

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Douwe Fledderus - August 2016 -   - Tide Records