Special Experiment - Fortune Memories - 2003


Warning: this is an amazing discovery that I recommend you in the very first line of the review. “Fortune Memories”, is a special experiment created by Dzidek Marcinkiewicz (E-Piano, synths, acoustic guitars and keyboards) that I´ve listened several times during July and probably I´ll choose it as the best newcomer of 2003.

Dzidek´s band is accompanied by the great guitar player and drummer Frank Tienemann, the bassist'sDaniel Seebass and Joseph Kappl, the drummer Carsten White, the backing vocals of Janine Tienemann and the sax of Nasir Gencer.


Since Dzidek is the leader of this project, one could think that the music of “Fortune Memories” is keyboard-orientated. But definitely it´s not true at all. The first track “Kiss of a Vampire” (5:29) shows that this (instrumental) album contains well structured tracks. Over amazing rhythm arrangements there are enough space for the melodic and yet complex instrumental work of Tienemann and Dzidek.

In that first track we´ll find all the Yes and Rush influences that can be guessed along the entire album. Frank´s guitar is definitely great, you only have to listen to the final part of “Fortune Memories” (5:07). But also Dzidek´s keyboards are very important creating atmospheres (“Night over Marrakesh” (6:40)) and playing solos. The interplay between guitar-keyboards is one of the best I´ve listened. The eight tracks inside the album have their own life and soul, both the most energic and the quietest (the beautiful “Amelyst Eye” (5:51) or the Floydian “Crystal Lake” (5:58)). Inside every track we´ll find changes of rhythm, different ambients, etc, so the listening is very pleasant and funny.


I´m very tired –and it´s a personal opinion- of hundreds of instrumental projects by known artists who offer their albums thinking: “hey, look, I´m a very good player”, so I´m happy to know that there are new artists like Dzidek Marcinkiewicz who shows that it´s possible to create instrumental music without cheap virtuosities, simply composing song and making sensations that can be enjoyed by any kind of audience. This is an album not only for prog fans but also mainstream music fans.

The sound is good and I think that you could take a chance on this guy. I hope this won´t be a “one-album-project” and Dzidek will offer more instrumental sensations in the future.

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