Silent Exile - Dancing with death - 2000


Silent Exile is a prog metal band that comes from the French-speaking Canada region, and which is formed by Chriss J.Y. (voice), Fabrice Blanchet (guitars), Cedric Rioux (keyboards), Sylvain Gagnon (bass) and Denis Ainsley (drums).

Firstly, it should be clear that in general I do not like this type of bands. I must however recognise that this Cd is not worse than those of well-known international bands, so the appetite of our more metallic readers can be satiated with works such as "Dancing with Death". If bands like Vanden Plas or Symphony X are in the first division of progressive metal, Silent Exile should also be there, I don't see any difference.


The introduction with which the Cd begins, "The Brain Dance" (00:46) is one of the most unbearable things I have listened in my whole life, and I do not only refer to music, the sound of 5.000 car claxons in a traffic jam is more melodic. It is only a racket of voices in many languages. I doubt that, should you buy this Cd, you will listen more than once to the introduction. After this, the truth is I did not really want to hear more, but the first song improved the previous experience somewhat: "Walls of Society" (6:43) is the title and in it we can see the main features of the album. Breakbeat rhythms a la American prog-metal, a great work by Cedric Rioux on keyboards, a very heavy voice, and epic moments. Maybe sometimes it can remind of other albums heard before. The second track "Stratosphere" (8:12) shows a clear improvement, being very atmospheric, with certain coincidences with the style Rush played in "Signals", but sprinkled with the most epic Shadow Gallery and a Marillion touch in the keyboards. A very good track, that never gets boring. "Broken Dreams" (4:15) is a power-ballad of those so loved by the American audience, with a tremendous chorus and never-ending crescendos. Again it reminds me of something else, but being objective, its is a good song in which the star actor is the guitar player. "On the Hill" (5:52) follows a metal progressive type Queensryche stule, with heavy guitars on which very effective keyboards rest upon to “prog” the final result, with excellent instrumental parts. What I least like in the piece is the singer's voice, too determined on showing us his admiration for Geoff Tate or Bruce Dickinson.

At the end of the Cd, the group offers their best essence in "Glasé Maakerstraat" (8:02), the closest track to American prog a la Dream Theater - Shadow Gallery with some English prog features. The band ensembles perfectly, mixing vocal and instrumental parts and sustaining a good climax. In the same way, the final suite "Images of War", subdivided in "Thunder of Ashlam" (6:58) and "Silent Witness" (7:51), continues to show the prog metal style with Rush elements that Dream Theater is now making popular, although without being as technical as them.


In summary, I must admit that, even if Silent Exile is not an example of originality, they are one of those bands that will satisfy the taste of prog metal lovers a la Tyranny of Shadow Gallery or Dream Theater. I would recommend this CD to this kind of readers.

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Alfonso Algora - February 2000 -   - Naivlys