Sally Doherty and the Sumacs
- Black is the colour - 2002


New CD released by this wonderful singer and instrumentalist accompanied by her female band, The Sumacs. In this CD Sally shows us her most intimate and melancholic side with twelve sad songs with folk airs coming from different cultures and musical fields. Many of these songs are Sally´s memories, when her mother sang these songs while her father played the guitar. So you can see this is a very personal CD


The CD begins with "Black is the colour", a beautiful Irish melody very sad and plenty of violins, flutes and string instruments. The second song, "Los bíblicos", is, according to Sally, a traditional Spanish song. I´ve never listened to this song, and I even asked my grandmother, so I don´t know if this song is really Spanish or it is from South America. The song is very simple, only vocals and acoustic guitar, and Sally sings very good in Spanish language (better than Ricky Martin). "I held my love" is a wonderful song with angelical choirs wrapping the lead vocals. "The praities" takes us to dreamy worlds thanks to a relaxant instrumentation and the wonderful vocal melody, full of passion and tenderness. This is one of the best songs of the CD"The selkie of Sule Skerry" is, again, another approach to sad Irish traditional music. Too bad it is very short although is followed by another great song, "My lagan love", which remains me to Celtic bands like Clannad and has soundtrack airs. Now it´s time for the second song in Spanish language, a traditional song from Mexico titled "La llorona". I do not know the original song (in fact I think this song is from Spain... I´ll be waiting for our Mexican readers comments). Again great arpeggios by a nice flamenco guitar and Sally´s voice showing its versatility. "Neither fire bright nor candle light" is a short instrumental track before "L'on dit q'amors est dolce chose" based on a poem written by a XII century French female poet with nice percussion a suggestive melody and mediaeval airs. "The bonny boy" is another sad Irish song smoothened with gentle pianos. "Requiem Waltz" is a dismal composition with waltz tempo, delightfully arranged and with different moods. The CD finishes with "The low lowlands of Holland", the longest song (more than six minutes) a tribute to Holland in a solemn way, almost an elegy.


Of course I can´t say this is a CD of progressive music. But if you´re progVisions readers and you take into account the quality inside "related music" I can assure you that here you´ll find a great thesis about European musical roots. If you love classic and acoustic sounds (piano, viola, violin, guitar, flute), you´ll love this album, also recommended for those who love non orchestral soundtracks.

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