Swan Christy - Black is the white color - 2001


I read the booklet: Irakus… Kostas… Dimitris… Giorgos... Grigoris. Without last names. What´s this?, another black metal band with keyboards and painted faces singing about northern lands and scaring teenagers?, who has sent me this CD?. I understand the "related musics" inside the concept of progressivity, but I consider scum such as Cradle of Filth (accurate name) or Dimmu Borgir as pseudoperistic rubbish with keyboards here and there.


OK, OK, I was wrong. These guys come from Greece, so the names are real. And Irakus plays hammond organ and piano. Will they be a progressive band??... I don´t know, the cover is an industrial chaos plenty of strange messages and images. Let´s play the CD and we´ll be sure about the music.

The first track has the beautiful title of "Because a motherfucker said so" and the hammond organ is a machine gun in the beginning and the bridges. The guitars sound compact with controlled filth, and both the vocalist and vocal lines reminds me to James Hetfield (Metallica). Quickly begins "Cast in tears", also with reminiscences of "Black Album" or "And Justice for All" if we except the pianos we can listen to before the refrains. Another nice piano appears in "8?", a sort of orchestrated ballad very original and very nice. "Enough of white" is Metallica in a hard-core mood. Horrible track. "Seven is enough" is another pretty slow song with ambient elements and percussion loops. This song could have been composed by Steve Wilson. Three boring minutes of "Salt penetration" and begins the riff of "Fuck them", five more minutes of boredom with a good guitar riff and some keyboards. "I´m in hate with an alien" and "Wish you were dead" are mediocre songs. Perhaps the fans of extreme music think these are great songs. Fortunately the end of the album is more interesting thanks to "Love it or hate me", a sort of AOR ballad with industrial elements. Also the bonus track "Useless chair occupator" is a slow song full of keyboards and unforgettable lyrics (love music full of "fucks").


Six interesting and original songs but the rest is totally dispensable. If you like Metallica you´ll enjoy with the whole album, but if you´re looking for progressive music this is hidden only in some songs. I hope they´ll go on with the hammond organ sound and the industrial ballads. If they choose the way of heavy metal, they won´t have any future in the business.

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Alfonso Algora - March 2002 -   - Black Lotus