Serge Blenner - Musique de Chambre - 2008


“Without music,
life would be a mistake”

[from his website]


Four years ago I wrote the following about Serge Blenner's “Miroir de Soi” ...

“Miroir de Soi” is the successor of “Virtualis”. I described that album as a beautiful romantic album for a much broader audience. And I said that Serge Blenner has found the ultimate mix of electronic and classical textures. “Miroir de Soi” has even more refinement and is up to now his most romantic album. You can find unprecedented beautiful melodies on this album.

As reviewer I have now a little problem because Serge Blenner did it again!

The new album “Musique de Chambre” has even more refinement. His use of the sound library of the Vienna orchestra is amazing. Like me Serge Blenner must be a perfectionist. He brings us some heartbreaking melodies on this album. Have you ever been brought into tears ... simply because the music you are listening to is so beautiful?


Serge Blenner – samplers, synthesizers, multitrack digital sequencing.
Sound Library: VSL Vienna Orchestra, Bela D Media Divas


“Musique de Chambre” is Blenner's seventeenth (!) album and you can find the following twelve tracks on this album: “Balance”, “Les Perles”, “La Source”, “Une Présence”, “Symbiose”, “Philica”, “Logica”, “Un Esprit”, “Des Visages”, “Novum”, “Une Ethique” and “La Liberté”.

The album opens with “Balance”. Besides that you will recognize the Serge Blenner footprint, he has his own unique style, you will notice the warm deep sounds of the orchestra strings and the crystal clear voice of the vocals without words. This recording has a great sound quality. Blenner's music seems to be in balance on this album.

The next two tracks are simply wonderful. “Les Perles” is the perfect mix of warm orchestral sounds and romantic melodies with a little French touch. The second one “La Source” is my favorite track of this amazing album. The ultimate romantic Blenner track with heartbreaking melodies. The combination of warm strings, a delicate female voice, romantic piano playing and tasteful synth sounds does it for me.

“Les perles” and “La source” are hitting me like an arrow straight into my heart! When I listened to it for the first time I had tears in my eyes ... Music can be so beautiful! Maybe I'm a sensitive person but nowadays this is not happening very often when I listen to new music. So I think it is the best compliment you can get as a composer of contemporary music.

In “Une Présence” you can hear that Serge uses the voice of the Diva as an instrument. Like some other tracks (“Logica”, “Novum”) on this album “Symbiose” has a real classical opening. The orchestral sounds blends wonderful into the electronic music. “Philica” brings us again some beautiful melodies. “Logica” is again a mix of dark chambre music and light romantic electronic music. It is one of the more classical tracks of this album. Maybe one of the more complex one's ... you have to listen to this one a couple of times to discover the classical beauty of it.

The next track “Un Esprit” is lighter of spirit and brings again balance to this album. On the romantic melodies of “Des Visages” you can fly away and visit in your mind the most beautiful places. This is also one of the qualities of Serge Blenner's music. To escape from the hectic world of today. Like “Logica” the next track “Novum” is a more darker. A very classical and intriguing track. These tracks are followed by the more lighter one's like “Une Ethique”. You can drift away on the melodies.

The last track is called “La Liberté” and starts with a slow romantic piano part. Slowly the strings and the vocals gives the music more body and the music becomes more intense. After this the music becomes more light of character and dies away. In a song of five minutes Serge Blenner shows us the character of this wonderful album.


When listening to this album you often forget that you are listening to electronic music ...
This is because Serge's music is warm, romantic and full of emotion. Serge Blenner is still the master in electronic orchestration. This album is about Chamber Music and often has a light and romantic character. You can fly away on it's beautiful and romantic melodies. The album is beautiful in balance and sounds great. For me “Musique de Chambre” is the best Serge Blenner album up till now ...

Serge Blenner has surprised me with this album. I thought it's predecessor “Miroir de Soi” was the ultimate romantic electronic album. But “Musique de Chambre” has even more refinement. I will never forget the moment when I heard “La source” for the first time ... it goes straight for the heart!

Special thanks goes to Serge Blenner for allowing me to use the full mp3 track of the wonderful composition “La source” ... the track you were listening to when you read this review !!!

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