Satellite - A street between sunrise and sunset - 2003

“A street between sunrise and sunset – is about understanding and seeing our world in two completely different ways. Some people can feel and see more than others. Maybe all of us could find that more sensitive side of ourselves but, unfortunately, for different reasons, we do not have enough time or we don’t want to see anything else than our maybe a little gray everyday life.
On a higher level, it is about making a choice.”


This “new” Polish band was founded in 2000 by Wojtek Szadkowski (the driving force behind Collage). At first it was not very serious and a solo project of Wojtek supported by Darek Lisowski and Krzysztof Narbut. Later on the idea of recording an album came up. In the end almost the complete Collage line-up is participating in this Satellite project. Collage was one of the neo-prog bands who made a big impact on the Dutch audiences who witnessed their first concerts at the time of “Basnie” and “Moonshine” (1990-1994). I remember standing close to the stage while the band blew away the audience completely. They loved the response of the audience and the roof came down, so to speak. This is another project but Collage fans will be happy with Satellite and the comeback of Collage. (It was a pity that Collage couldn’t play at the Tiana festival this year.)


Robert Amirian – voice; Mirek Gil / Sarhan – guitars; Darek Lisowki / Krzysiek Palczewski – keyboards; Piotr Zaczek / Przemek Zawadzki – bass guitar; Wojtek Szadkowski – drums.

Guest appearances:
Maciek Meller (Quidam) – guitar; Zbyszek Bieniak – backing vocals in “On the run”; Michal Kirmuc – drum programming in “Not afraid”.


The first thing you will notice is the beautiful cover of Mark Wilkinson (fans of Marillion and Fish will know this artist). This first positive impression also counts for the music on this album. You will get 72 minutes “top of the bill” neo-prog. The keyboards have an important role on this album. Not because of freaky solo’s but because there are beautiful arrangements on the album. Wojtek Szadkowski must have made long hours! Besides the first two strong opening tracks “The evening wind” (12:45) and “On the run” (14:51) there are another two long tracks: “Now” (10:13) and the title track “A street between sunrise and sunset” (11:18). The other tracks are around four or five minutes. Those long tracks are each of them little jewels. I will not describe track by track because I will tell you then the same thing over and over again.

It is not strange, because of the line-up that the album sounds like a new and fresh Collage. But everything is a little bit more mellow or softer. The sharp edges of the first Collage albums are not present on this album. But … Satellite is much better; it is the best Collage you have ever heard. The arrangements are fantastic. Delicious melodic prog for a big audience I think. You will never get bored with this album which include great keyboard and drum programming, delicious guitar and keyboard solo’s, great drumwork … and a crystal clear open sound. “On the run” (14:51) includes a delicious soaring guitar solo of Maciek Meller (Quidam). The last long track “A street between sunrise and sunset” (11:18) has some Camel influences. Also I would like to mention that Robert Amirian with his characteristic voice is singing very relaxed which suites him better and it fits perfectly in the album that has a kind of relaxed atmosphere.


This is not a very progressive album, but it is just delicious to listen to it. A modern album with a relaxed atmosphere that fits nicely into this hectic and stressful world. After a hectic working day you can make your choice … to relax and enjoy … the music of Satellite!

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Douwe Fledderus - June 2003 -   - Metal Mind Records