Relative Silence - Mixture? - 2002


Only a few Progressive Metal bands was born & reside in Spain. Fortunately, during these last years, new bands that opt to carry out a mature and technician style are appearing contrasting with other Spanish bands. This time we will write about a band located in the north of Spain (but concretely in Asturias).


Relative Silence was born in 1998 as a result of the breakup of a previous band called Presto. Daniel Cabal (Drums) and Pablo García (Guitar) decide to look for new musical styles and to create a new band. During the following months the formation it is completed with Helena Pinto (Keyboards), Aitor Porres (Bajo) and Javier Fernandez (Vocals). By mid 1999 some problems retarded the fluid march of the band (jobs, line up changes...) with the consequent break in the band productivity. Later and after carrying out a bankrupt intent for to record a self produced demo, they decide to record their first CD at Bunker Studios located in Asturias. The delays continued but finally, “Mixture?” saw the light in February of 2002. Little time later new problems started in the band and a possibility of rupture. Fortunately the problem was solved and they were able to complete a new line up and to continue ahead until today. Well, it was told ,we will begin to do our work, to analyze minutely this “Mixture?”, their first CD:

To start we will highlight the good work carried out by Daniel Alonso as much in the cover as in the CD booklet capturing the progressive essence in paper.

After a brief intro, we start with "Ciudad de Ángeles": from the beginning we can already perceive the Dream Theater influences and in the first compasses we find the first surprise. The lyrics are sung in Spanish!. Something to thank because almost all the progressive bands in Spain sing in english. Good and loud rhythmic section focused in guitars with raw overdrive and a good job in the mixture. Maybe it be the most commercial track of the album due to a catchy chorus easy to remember. A good beginning for this album. "Siento" is the name of the second track. In this song they decide to play more hard & fast guitar riffs. Javier Fernández adapt well himself to the different intensity changes in the song giving it a good feeling touch. In the middle part of the song we find with the first surprise. A fantastic keyboard solo by Helena concluded with some guitar/keyboard solo parts (very habitual in this style). Sometimes this track remind me to the James LaBrie project called “Mullmuzler”. They mix the instrumental parts with the vocals easily making the their songs interesting even although it last almost 8 minutes. A virtuous intro by Pablo and Helena leads the third track called "Colapso Emocional" focused in the human duality and the habitual contradiction between love and hate. In some parts they remember me to Overlife, another good Spanish progressive metal band with very similar influences. Also we find a very melodic & catchy chorus even more than the previous ones. The album ends with "Dias Extraños". Here we find some collaborations carried out by the famous Victor García (Former Avalanch, WarCry). Good complementation between this two singers (Javier Fernández/Victor García) even it is difficult to differentiate them. Now it's time for their guitarist Pablo playing a good guitar solo giving the final good touch to that suggester and magnificent CD. To finish I´ll highlight the great work of Daniel on drums, playing all the compasses & tempos perfectly.


Finally I will say that Relative Silence are a great promise inside the Spanish metal scene. A CD with a good production, good sound and mainly good musicians, indispensable to carry out this complicated music style. Only we have to wait their first CD and we hope to see them live along the country.

Good luck!

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