Roswell Six - Terra Incognita: Beyond the Horizon - 2009

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With vocals by James Labrie, Michael Sadler, John Payne and Lana Lane. Guitars by Gary Wehrkamp and Chris Brown, bass by Kurt Barabas, drums by Chris Quirarte, violins by David Ragsdale, cello by Mike Alvarez and flute by Martin Orford.


The author, Kevin J. Anderson, with an incredible fantasy of writing about ships, monsters and crusades started to write his novel in 2007. The Edge of the World was the start, influenced by the progressive rockmusic of Tool, Dream Theater, Rush etc. The man comes now with the second part; the album Terra Incognita: Beyond the Horizon. All songs have been written by Kevin and his wife Rebecca Moesta, while the music is composed by Erik Norlander.

It is an ambitious project that’s not finished with only just an album. This project needed the best of the best and it worked. His idea to do this album with many guests gives the variations of an progressive rock album. And the story goes on with James Labrie (Dream Theater) as Soldan-Sha Omra, Micheal Sadler (ex Saga) as Christon, Lana Lana as Andrea , John Payne (ex Asia) as Captain Shay, did the vocals while David Ragsdale (Kansas) Gary Wehrkamp (Shadow Gallary), Chris Brown (Ghost Circus), Kurt Barabas (Under the Sun). The concept of (Arjan Lucassen) Ayreon to work with different singers brings a mix of heavy sound of rock with James on vocals (Ishalem and Anchored) and the small beauty ballad of Letters in a bottle where Michael did a brilliant performance. The duet-songs give the extra dimension in the album where the story comes to a real concept album.


The only note could be that the songs should be mixed from one song into the other, but apart from that, this is a must-have!

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