RPWL - A New Dawn - 2017



“... A highlight in the career of RPWL...”


Of course the German band RPWL of composers Kalle Wallner and Yogi Lang doesn't need an introduction. The discography of the band already includes more than a dozen releases. On the occasion of it's 20th anniversary, the band has released the long-awaited concert movie “A New Dawn”. It documents the last stop of the tour in support of the “Wanted” album and that evening the Bavarians played in their hometown of Freising, Bavaria n October 2015. The show is an elaborately assembled combination of elements of a rock concert, a multimedia event and a play. This was the first and only time that the mammoth production was brought to the stage. In addition to the musicians themselves the cast comprised around fifty actors and extras. “A New Dawn” has been released on several formats (Bluray, DVD, 2CD, 2LP and a limited collector's box).


Yogi Lang - vocals; Kalle Wallner - guitar; Markus Jehle - Keyboards; Werner Taus - bass; Marc Turiaux - drums

Guest musicians:
Donny Kreitmeier - backing vocals; Bine Heller - backing vocals; Julia Schröter - backing vocals; Thomas Schlichenheimer - sitar; Manfred Fenneberg - percussion

English voices:
Rob Quirk - Neo; Naomi Tobias - newsreader; Ian Salmon - Thomas McFreedom; Nikolas Sodiant - Jeff Showers


The album “Beyond Man And Time” was the first part of the trilogy about the liberation of the mind and a direct reference to Friedrich Nietzches opus magnum “Thus Spoke Zarathustra”. A concept around a protagonist, seeking his inner self. As a sequel RPWL came up with a both imaginative as well as bizarre story about a band trying to spread a homeopathic drug entitled “Veritas Forte” that is based on a secret recipe against tiredness of the mind among the people of the world. Being faced with the wrath of political and religious leaders, the band is driven underground and is consequently “Wanted”. The last show of the “Wanted” tour was a very special performance. The show was not only massively re-arranged altogether, but it even received a new title “A New Dawn”. Selected “Wanted” chapters were extended and the production directly established a connection with the “Beyond Man And Time” album through the medium of acting. As you can see on the DVD (or Bluray) the performance turned into a memorable show in front of an enthusiastic audience. It is definitely one of the highlights in the band's career.

Mike Coene of Hard Life Promotion provided me with the double audio CD digipak and the DVD version of this remarkable project. Both versions have their own value. On the DVD you can follow the concept of the story by means of the narration of Neo, the multi- media assets and the acting of the many actors that are present in this huge production. Sometimes the narrator between the songs distracts me from the music so I am also very happy with the double audio CD version. The addition of the three backing vocalists are bringing that Floyd atmosphere to some of the tracks. The performances of the band members are of a high quality. I especially enjoyed watching keyboardist Markus Jehle and co composer / guitarist Kalle Wallner who played some remarkable solo's that evening. My favorite tracks are “Revelation”, “The Fisherman” (the eighteen minutes long epic from the album “Beyond Man And Time”) and “Misguided Thought” on disc one and “Revelation Reprise”, “The Attack” and the all time favorite “Hole in the Sky” of disc two. On the DVD the sound and video quality is excellent so I am curious about the quality of the Bluray version. The last track on disc two, “Hole in the Sky” is only available on the double audio CD version. The Bluray and DVD versions includes “Unchain The Earth” as a bonus track and you can find the official video clip of “Swords And Guns” and a Making Of film on these discs.


“A New Dawn” is a wonderful remembrance of a remarkable evening. A highlight in the career of RPWL and therefore also highly recommended to the fans by progVisions.

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