RPWL - Stock - 2003


“Stock” is the third album of these german people called RPWL, a band that from the end of nineties has been trying to introduce his good taste and well-mannered style to the fields of progressive music to show to everybody their great musical skills. They are “scarred” with a very strong influences from the Pink Floyd, in fact this german group started to work as a tribute band playing covers of the Floyd by the end of nineties. But, when they had already overcome all that they began to work on their own stuff, and to tell you the truth the result is stunning. A band that has received very good reviews all over the world and that has gained the respect of progressive fans. In the 2000 they released their first CD “God Has Failed” and last year their did their second one called “Trying To Kiss The Sun”, with this third one “Stock” they put themselves on the summit of the european prog-rock.


The main feature of the band is without any doubt their delicate touch and fabulous taste towards their structures and also towards the listener. Its members are Yoghi Lang (voice, keys), Karlheinz Wallner (guitar), Phil Paul Rissetto (percussion), Andreas Wernthaler (guitar), y Stephan Ebner (bass).
Their music is like a nice and sweet shake, it’s like a delicious cream made of many different aspects coming from all periods of the Floyd history. They aren’t a photocopy, they have created a personal environment and defined lines that go beyond the simple revival, a band with a separated live with many aromas making us to recall some masterpieces from the past, such us “A sourceful of secrets” or “Animals”. “Opel” and “The Way it is” are a sample of the power mixed with the subtleness of their music. A music that have no big changes and sudden brakes, it develops up on a straight line, full of nice parts sustained firmly by a soft pencil. By the way, the vocal work is excellent. The connection with of the Gilmour’s band at the end of eighties comes with “Perpetual response”, “Forgive me, part 1” or “Gentle art of swimming”, the longest song (about 10 minutes) where they explore the subconsciousness of their minds drawing a beautiful musical job. “Who do you think you are”, “Going Outside” and “Sun in the sky”, capture the best vocal moment of the band and their capacity to rejoin the precious melodies from the end of sixties with their mystical production. The records ends with the superb instrumental“Forgive Me, part 2” and a great vocal piece with a great chorus called “Forgive Me, part 3”. Besides, in this new release you’ll also find an extra CD-DVD with all these songs played live.


This is very good, surprising. Big production job and another sample of how progressive rock can grasp any kind of way to make its way. The ones who like Pink Floyd, the ones that somehow wish to enjoy with a smooth and impressive band don’t hesitate to get this new CD. By the way, do you know who has designed the the front cover?….yes, yes, look at it carefully….yeah, SYD BARRET!!!!

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Jordi Costa - February 2003 -   - Inside Out