Recordando o Vale das Maçãs - 1977/1982 - 2003


This CD of the Brazilian group “Recordando o Vale das Maçãs” (Memory of the Apple Valley) is a re-release of the only album this band recorded in the first ten years of their existence, the 1977 record “As Crianças Da Nova Floresta”. It is supplemented by the A- and B-side of their 1982 single. Vocals on the album are in Portugese.


The first three tracks ”Ranchos, Filhos e Mulher” (3:08), “Besteira” (4:04) and “Olhar de um Louco” (3:53) are typical outdated songs from the early times of symphonic and progressive rock. They call back memories of the debut album of Genesis: harmonic vocals are accompanied by acoustic guitars, flute, violin and orchestral keyboards with occasionally a short guitar and synthesizer or other keyboard solo. Track 4 “Raio de Sol” features feminine vocals and sounds, as does track 5 “As Crianças Da Nova Floresta” (18:10), as more mature and contemporary progressive/symphonic rock. Track 5 is the long suite and title-track of the original album. Both tracks show more room for instrumental parts played on keyboards (also synthesizer and piano), guitar, flute and violin. Especially this last instrument causes a strong comparison to the sound of Caravan from the same period. The jazz guitar licks might be influenced by Steve Howe and can also be heard on the “single” track “Sorisso de Verão” (3:00), where harmonic vocals reside on a bed of acoustic guitars and in the second half also on an orchestral keyboard. Track 7 “Flores na Estreado” (2:34), the B-side of the aforementioned single, could better have been left out, because it’s no more than a pop/country piece of trash, with a typical country-violin solo.


Although the overall production is good, the easy parts of the songs let you hear some hiss and noise.
This album is interesting in an historical context, because this band was one of the representatives of the Brazilian prog scene in the seventies, but not satisfactory for today’s lovers of progressive rock.

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Wim Verweij - May 2003 -   - Rock symphony [Musea]