Radio Massacre International - Time & Motion - 2010



“We exists in the present. Each live performance is as new to us as it is to the audience.”


Radio Massacre International was born in late 1993, and immediately began to record its epic electronic improvisations. By 1995, when their first official release “Frozen North” came out on the UK label Centaur, the band had an archive of 30 recordings. In the year 2005 the band was signed by the American prog label Cuneiform Records. “Time & Motion”, a double album, is the third release on this quality label.


Duncan Goddard - electronics & bass guitar; Steve Dinsdale - electronics & percussion; Gary Houghton - guitar & electronics

Additional musician;
Martin Archer- wind instruments & electronics


What a surprise to find this wonderful album in my mailbox. I only knew the band by name and heard they had made some great electronic albums in the early Berlin School style (Klaus Schulze, Tangerine Dream, Ashra Tempel). Besides progressive rock, jazz-fusion and classical recordings your reviewer also listen to electronic/ ambient music. In the early days I listened to the albums of Tangerine Dream and later on to the ambient work of Kit Watkins and the albums of Serge Blenner. And the last years I rediscovered Klaus Schulze when he collaborated with Lisa Gerrard. The album “Farscape” can be found in my CD player on a regular basis.

“Time & Motion” is a double CD with 10 epic electronic space improvisations. The shortest track on this album counts more than 9 minutes. Most of the time the band need around 20 minutes to tell a story. You will think that the music will be boring ... well that is not the case with the music of Radio Massacre International (RMI) ... RMI makes passionate, warm and intelligent electronic soundscapes. The efforts of extra musician Martin Archer amalgamate into the music. The music is generated by improvisation and is exploring the boundaries of electronic music.

On CD 1 you can find the following tracks; “Kairos”, “The clockwork time dragon”, “Aeon”, “Chronos”, “Equatorial pitch” and “Fission ships pt. 1”. CD 2 has only 4 tracks; “Maybe a last look at Joe's house”, “Fission ships pt. 2”, “Nine:Four:One” and “30 years (slight return)”. I will not describe each track for you. This is a fantastic album with relaxed and warm electronic music. If you like electronic music you must have at least one album of RMI in your CD cabinet.


“Time & Motion” the 3rd album of Radio Massacre International on the Cuneiform Records label is a must for lovers of electronic music. The music is influenced by the Berlin School (Tangerine Dream, Ashra Tempel, Klaus Schulze) but I think RMI is going one step further with their exploratory electronic music. I enjoyed listening to this album very much and I recommend it to al lovers of electronic and space music.

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