Ricol - Aborigen - 2003


I’ve been willing to let you know about this new musicians for several weeks, one of the most interesting musicians in our little but great prog world. Jordi Ricol is one of those artists that plays, that sometimes difficult, role of keeping our prog scene alive. A musician who sells his soul to create things with a progressive shape without asking nothing in return, exposing all his talent without ligatures, composing all on his own and managing to release CD’s independently. A real creator very much influenced by the cows, flying pigs, and the creatures of the Pink Floyd’s world.


His last record is this excellent one called “Aborigen”. A Cd where Jordi as a composer mixes himself up within the typical Floydian forms and environment. It’s amazing how just one creative element can be able to build a whole musical world. A self-made stage that he uses to move along with his guitar. A jungle that you can only survive loosing money and wearing yourself out in smoky bars. “El demá no existeix (1ª part)” (9:34) is a fascinating piece which is a mixture of intense atmospheres with interwoven rhythms in a mid-tempo that builds an interesting scenario. The guitar and a neverending keyboard line creating a world of images and words that make you held your breath.

“Obrint ments” (4:46) is a more direct and more electronic song, with a more defined and clear lyrics, with an eighties flavor.“El demá no existeix (2ª part)” (5:45) is a blend of the atmospheres of the first song with a stronger vocal work, reminding the Water’s kind of approach at the beginning of the seventies. “Fugint del camp” (8:30) goes beyond the musical structures, experimenting with voices, electronic elements and lyrics that shine over that artificial wilderness. “El demá no existeis (3ª part)” (9:10) regains the first part of the record adding new lines of keys, vocal work, guitars that captures the floydian magic again in a dizzling end.


A record that is worthwhile and that free us from those sometimes classic prog structures. A CD plenty of imagination which becomes a must have for all the Floyd fans. Besides Mr.Ricol has another project apart from this one, acting a different character called Syd Barretina unfolding a whole world again of great Pink Floyd covers. 

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Jordi Costa - June 2003 -   - Independent Release