ReGenesis - Lamb for supper [Live 2001] - 2001


The thing is that I've never put much attention to this kind of works. I've never been a fan of tribute records, versions, and the bands that dedicates only to memorate old stuff. Anyway, these English called ReGenesis are something quite unique. During the last decade has dedicate to look like or clone the real Genesis from the Gabriel era, and they are still doing it with such strong patience that has given them a good curriculum vitae.


After releasing a couple of live CDs; "ReGenesis Live" (1996) and "Here it comes again" (1998) the band goes for its most ambitious project, the complete live show of "The Lamb lies down on Broadway", and takes advantage of this new tour releasing a brand new live album.

The place couldn't be better. The annual Genesis fan convention that every year gathers thousands of fans of the English giant, in Guilford, and that it takes all weekend long. Some kind of big fair where the fans can buy all sort of Genesis stuff and see some performances of bands that play Genesis music.

The expectation that the gig of ReGenesis generated was quite big and it seams it was a success, according to the people that I've been able to talk to and that it was there that weekend.

The track listing is as follows; "Grand Parade of Lifeless Packaging", "Chamber of 32 Doors", "The Lamia", "Silent Sorrow in Empty Boats", "The Colony of Slippermen", "Supper's Ready" and "Dance on a Volcano/Drum Duet/Los Endos".

I think there's no need to mention the names of the musicians. For me they're fans of a music that, as they say, maybe we won't be able to enjoy anymore in the future, so their job is being Peter Gabriel, Tony Banks, Mike Rutherford, Steve Hackett & Phil Collins, and the truth is that they do it very well.


You already know the music of Genesis and this record recaptures the live sensation of the music of the master group. This is something to admire, but the feeling that I have is they are not using their talent as composers, they just copy music, and I guess the real pleasure or experience for an artist is creating. It is a good record for Genesis collectors and fans.

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Jordi Costa - April 2002 -   - Mystic Records