Quantum Fantay - Tesselation Of Euclidean Space - 2017



“... Progressive Space Rock ...”


Quantum Fantay is a Space Rock act from Belgium. “Tesselation Of Euclidean Space”, their seventh studio album and third release for Progressive Promotion Records, sees the return of a full time flute player and the addition of a saxophone. The band is moving forward to investigate new grounds and is expanding their sound palette. After exploring World Music on “Terragaia” and the excursion to dance, God and techno rhythms on “Dancing in Limbo”, they return to Progressive Space Rock. Keyboardist and composer Pete Mush is responsible for the five new compositions that includes a 20 minute suite that is divided into four parts.


Pete Mush - synths, programming; Jaro - bass; Gino Bartolini - drums, percussion; Tom Tas - guitars; Jorinde - flute; Nette Willox - sax, voice


The album opens with a track called “Tesselate”. A slow nine minutes long track with a spacey atmosphere. I am very happy with the return of the flute in their music. You can find lovely and melodic flute melodies in this nice opener.

In “Manas Kavya” the band band goes full throttle with fast rhythms and repetitive synth patterns. The guitar and especially the flute are providing the melodies. The synths, the drums and the percussion are somewhat hectic in this uptempo track.

This is followed by the track “Astral Projection”. For me the first highlight of this album. You can find beautiful synth and flute melodies, nice guitar parts in this track which develops into an excellent mix of progressive rock and space rock. You can also find amazing drum work in this piece.

Then it is time for the “Skytopia” suite which is divided into four parts (“Azure”, “Laputa”, “Ignis Fatuus”, “Empyrean”). “Azure” includes some nice synth solos. In “Laputa” there is also room for acoustic guitars and lovely flute parts. Seamlessly this part flows into “Ignis Fatuus” in which you can find some aggressive guitar parts and some Indian sounding chanting. In “Empyrean” Quantum Fantay's sound palette is extended by the sparsely use of the saxophone. Together with the electric guitar it gives the music a jazzy component.

The album closes with the track “Anahata”. A short song with nice guitar and flute melodies.


As you would expect you can find loads of synths and keyboard orchestrations on this Space Rock release. Besides the synth melodies you can find also beautiful flute melodies and fine guitar parts on this album. The integration of the flute into the music of Quantum Fantay has been very successful. The flute brings an extra melodic component to the music. In a track like “Astral Projection” the band managed to create a perfect mix of Space Rock and Progressive Rock. If you like a wonderful mix of Space Rock and Progressive Rock music ... check this out!

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