Pymlico - meeting Point - 2016



“... Progressive rock meets Jazz Fusion...”


Pymlico is an instrumental band from Oslo, Norway, led by composer and drummer Arild Brøter. The band mainly plays what has been described as a mix between progressive rock and (jazz) fusion. Well this description was exactly my first thought when I heard the music that Pymlico is making on “Meeting Point”, the forth studio album of the band. Before this the band released the albums “Inspirations” (2011), “Directions” (2012) and “Guiding Light” (2014). In the year 2015 the band released the Studio Live EP which includes four tracks. Last year the band signed with Apollon Records who released this album on CD and Vinyl in October 2016.


Stephan Hvinden - electric guitars; Øyvind Brøter - analog and digital keyboards, acoustic & electric pianos; Axel Toreg Reite - bass guitar and synth bass; Arild Brøter - drums, percussion, keyboards, additional electric guitars; Marie Faerevaag - saxophone, piano, voice, percussion

Mattias Krohn Nielsen - acoustic guitars (1,2,3,4,6,8), first guitar solo (6); Torbjørn Alsos Raae - electric guitar solo (4); Larry Salzman - percussion (3,4,8); Ivan Mazuze - alto saxophone solo (4); Håvard Fossum - alto saxophone (2,6); Kristoffer Kompen - trombone (2,6); Stig Espen Hundsnes - trumpet (2,6)


On this instrumental album you can find the following tracks; “Crab Key”, “Second Rate Punk”, “Broken Glass”, “Iris”, “First Light”, “NO861613060”, “Lucy Does Not Approve” and “Erised”.

The saxophone parts in “Crab Key” brings back some memories of Weather Report but in this fine opener the band is showing that she has developed an own sound. Indeed a kind of happy prog with jazz fusion influences. For “Second Rate Punk” the band invited some guests. There is a real horn section with saxophone, trombone and trumpet. After the jazzy opening with the horn section the piece develops into a nice Neo-prog song with jazzy influences. In the last part the horns are returning. Very nice track with great diversity. In “Broken Glass” you find some beautiful keyboard and guitar melodies. The music of Pymlico has always a kind of happy atmosphere ... you get happy with their music. And another compliment is that you will not miss the vocals. Well there is the voice of Marie Faerevaag in the beautiful track “Iris” ... but there are no words. In the short “First Light” you find some delicate piano playing. It is a short piece with a Cinematic character and a blissful ending. Great drumming in the mysterious titled track “NOL861613060” in which the horn section is returning. “Lucy Does Not Approve” is for me one of the highlights of this fine album. You can find delicious jazz fusion parts in this track. Just love it! The album closes with a track called “Erised”. With a duration of almost nine minutes this is the longest track of the album. The opening of this track is influenced by Space Rock, so you will hear some spacey synths. But there are also beautiful saxophone and melodic guitar solo's. The tension of the music slowly builds up to a climax. After a great progressive rock part the spacey synths are returning. A worthy ending and another highlight of “Meeting Point”.


“Meeting Point” the forth album of Pymlico is a fine album full of great music. Progressive rock meets Jazz Fusion. Nowhere you miss the vocals. A big compliment for an instrumental band. The music has a kind of positive energy. It will make you happy ... the power of music. If you like some jazz fusion in your prog ... this one is for you.

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