Product - On Water - 2001


I don´t want to end the year without sharing with our readers this simple but wonderful jewel. "On Water" is the title of a conceptual CD which contains a musical journey very emotional and comfortable.

The base of Product seems to be Scott Rader: drums, bass, guitars, and Arman Chistoff Boyles: vocals, guitars, synthesizers, and composer. They are accompanied by six musicians supporting with instruments such as mandolin, violin, French horn and more basses, guitars and vocals. As you can see, the musical coloring is guaranteed.


The album contains fifteen tracks with lots of instrumental and vocal melancholy but very grateful because in any moment the depressive ambient takes possession of the music. In the same way we can listen to some up-tempo (not happy) moments and wonderful rhythm sections very well dosed, so this CD is a real trip of pleasant sensations.

Talking about references in the music of Product, we can find multiple small fragments which transfer us well known sounds. The calm piano parts reminds me to Tony Banks compositions, and guitars often seems to be taken from any CD of Anthony Phillips, although sometimes the combination of guitars with vocals are close to aggressive Peter Hammill´s songs. Sometimes music strolls by the current rock of bands such as Marillion or Porcupine Tree and the "crazy" moments are close to the most complex sound of King Crimson blended with the more rhythmic Peter Gabriel, and all of this completed by a high quality neo progressive sound. But I assure you will also find other references or similarities, although everything is perfectly fixed and filtrate without a "plaster" sensation, everything varied and elegant and inside the same texture, so all tracks have the same line. "On Water" is a good CD with wonderful compositions and interpretation, very affordable and catchy. It perfectly combines dramatic and calm moments and it has been conceived as a complete work to be listened to from beginning to end in a row.

I am sorry I can not give you more biographic or discography data about Product. There is no information enough in the CD and I haven´t read anything about them neither in magazines nor Internet (although I am a terrible navigator). But this CD has captured me, so from this moment on I will start to follow this band.


I recommend you this work so pleasant as the rain in a happy day.

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Julio Fernández - December 2001 -   - Independent Release