Promenade - Noi al dir di Noi - 2016



“Progressive Jazz Fusion from Genova ...”


“Noi al dir Noi” is the title of the debut album of the Italian progressive rock formation Promenade. The band is from Genova and the album is released on Fading Records, a sub label of AltrOck Productions, the company of Marcello Marinone and Francesco Zago (Yugen). That is all the info I have for you at this moment. Well, I would say; it is all about the music. You can label this release under RPI (Rock Progressivo Italiano) with strong jazz fusion and Canterbury influences. You could call it a kind of progressive jazz fusion.


Matteo Barisone - vocals, keyboards; Gianluca Barisone - guitars; Stefano Scarella - bass and saxophone; Simone Scala - drums

Guest musicians:
Damiano Baroni - violino; Francesco Bagnasco - violino; Gigi Magnozzi - viola; Giacomo Biagi - violoncello; Giovanni Aquillino - flauto; Jacopo Bagutti - fagotto


The album opens with the longest track “Athletics” (10:36). A hectic and up tempo piece of music where the band immediately is showing off their musical skills. It is a piece of music for the open minded music lover because it has jazz and RIO (Rock In Opposition) influences. Wow ... these guys know how to (prog)rock. After this hectic opener the listener is gasping for air and impressed by the overwhelming quality of their music. Did you say that this is a debut album? The saxophone of bass player Stefano Scarella gives the piece a jazzy feeling and I am impressed by the guitar work of Gianluca Barisone which reminds me sometimes of a young Allan Holdsworth. Amazing track!

The next track is called In “Secondo Passo” and the opening confirms that the guitarist is influenced by the work of Allan Holdsworth. The passionate sung vocals of Matteo Barisone reminds me of Sebastian Vergara the singer of the Chilean band Aisles. This piece has also a jazzy feeling but it has also a classical flavor because of the use of a real string section. The atmosphere of“ L'albero Magico” is more in the vein of Weather Report. Maybe because the bass player must be a fan of Jaco. The sound of this piece also reminds me of the the first Allan Holdsworth album “IOU”.

Well, those amazing references, are of course a big compliment towards the band. This indicates that we are talking about technically skilled musicians. A bunch of highly talented and young musicians from Genova, Italy. Now it is the turn of keyboard player Matteo Barisone to impress us with a classical opening in “Roccoco”. This piece has besides the classical influences also some influences from the Canterbury scene (including the humor). I just love the guitar solo with the string section in the back. The next piece “Kernel” opens with that delicious Canterbury keyboard sound. Promenade's music is so diverse. Reviewing their music is not easy for a reviewer. Besides the jazzy, classical and Canterbury influences the band also uses some folklore influences.

At the time of the next piece “Pantera” I am already impressed by this wonderful debut album. “Pantera” has also those Holdsworth influences from the “IOU” period. And in the end these influences are mixed with Weather Report like keyboard playing of Matteo Barisone! The album closes with the track “Crisantemo” which has a beautiful classical opening with great melodies. The melodic vocal melodies on this track are very nice. Luckily Matteo sings the lyrics of this album in his own language. This preserves the unique Italian atmosphere.


My God, this is an amazing debut album from the Italian band Promenade. I think the best description of their music is a kind of progressive jazz fusion. The band exists out of highly skilled and talented musicians. They impressed me with this wonderful debut album. An album for the open minded music lover. The first hectic piece is a showcase of the band's musically skills and the later parts are more united I think. Anyway this album is highly recommended by progVisions!

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Douwe Fledderus - November 2016 -   - Fading Records (AltrOck Productions)