Parallel Mind - Colossus ADEA - 2005

Parallel Mind is an American instrumental progressive rock trio whose compositions are intense and complex .... they will blow you away!


These guys already worked together in their project Universal Hybrid that was influenced by Asian and Indian music. But with Parallel Mind they are making a kind of Progressive Jazz Fusion. The band exists out of three outstanding instrumentalists. The most known of the three is William Kopecky who we know of bands like Kopecky and Par Lindh Project. But he was also part of Far Corner who made an album with chamber rock that was released on the label Cuneiform Records. You can find a review of that album on progVisions. But in my opinion the other two guys are the backbone of this amazing trio. Nibandh Nadkarni on keyboards and Joe Babiak on drums and other instruments.


William Kopecky - 6-String Bass; Nibandh Nadkarni - Keyboards; Joe Babiak - Drums, Percussion, Trumpet and Flugelhorn

Guest musicians:
Saar Schnitman - Guitar; Rene Spacapan - Cello; Jason Pachona - Mandolin; Hamid Assian - Violin; Julia Heyden (lead), Lisa Leers, Andrzej Cupek and Eric Ernst - Choir; Suman Nadkarni - Indian Classical Vocals.


When you put this disk for the first time in your CD-player, and consider you have never heard a single note of this guys, you have a big chance that you will be completely blown away! The first track “Chromatic” (14:18) starts like a A Triggering Myth song, but there is more power and complexity. The first three minutes are packed with complex drum fills and amazing bass rhythms on tick keyboard layers. Then the mood changes with a classical piano and beautiful keyboard strings that is only an introduction to a melodic soaring guitar solo of Saar Schnitman. What an opener ... and your only halfway. Joe Babiak is also playing a flugelhorn solo and Nibandh Nadkarni is also playing a burning organ solo. The piece develops into an amazing Jazz Fusion track in the style of a mixture of Kenso and A Triggering Myth. And listen to that drummer Joe Babiak ... I didn't know him ... but names like Simon Phillips and Dave Weckl came into my mind! This guy rocks! If you think; well that is probably the first and only great track on this album you are so wrong!. In “Opposite of know” (8:13) the band combines complex up-beat parts with melodic jazzy keyboard work with organ and synth solo's ontop of this amazing rhythm section. Nibandh Nadkarni shows his classical background in the beautiful ending of this burning track. The title track “Colossus ADEA” is devided into the following parts; “The Guardian” (4:33), “Into the Depths” (4:59), “Underwater Cities” (4:52) and “Resurface Earth” (4:03). “The Guardian” opens with broad and full keyboard layers. Yes this album is drenched with great keyboard work. The following slow part “Into the Depths” opens with a breathtaking melody on piano that several times develop into an orchestral climax. It ends with an eastern atmosphere with the classical Indian voice of Suman Nadkarni. The parts “Underwater Cities” and “Resurface Earth” includes delicate piano and keyboard solo's. “Colossus ADEA” is made for prog lovers like me who love keyboard dominated prog. Nibandh Nadkarni shows here what a great keyboard player he is. “Casa De Jig” (7:43) combines again the upbeat parts and the melodic parts. It is very jazzy and the band is swinging. The trumpet of Joe Babiak is also giving that jazzy touch. But it is also a Jig so you also hear a folky part . “Casa De Jig” is a very divers track. The album closes with the epic “Beginning's End”. The first part reminds me of the heavy work of Planet X. Complex rhythm patterns with a fat synth on top. In the second part Kopecky plays Indian rhythms on his bass. And Joe Babiak throws some polyphonic rhythm patterns in the music. Later on the music develops more into a kind of Progressive Jazz Fusion.


With “Colossus ADEA” Parallel Mind made a fantastic debut album. Al three musicians are outstanding instrumentalists. If you like instrumental Progressive Jazz Fusion you must buy this album. Also if you like keyboard drenched progressive music this is your album. Like me, you will be blown away by this intense and complex music. Nibandh Nadkarni throws in a lot of melody into the music. So the music often sounds not so complex as it really is. I wonder if the band is already working on another album. “Colossus ADEA” was released in April 2005 but I just got my hands on this amazing album. For me one of the best albums of 2005. Check it out!

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