Pi 2 - Tomorrow's another day - 2001


Behind this mathematical name lies the figure of Pito Costa (Keyboards, piano, programming and Alma Mater of the band); Alex Warner (voice and lyrics), Juanjo Verdu (guitars), Bubu King (acoustic guitars), Quim Oller (flute, piccolo) Sergi Sala (bass) and Lluis Ribalta (drums). Currently there seems to be a proliferation of progressive Rock bands in Spain and especially in Catalonia. What differentiates p2 from the others (and please don't get upset anybody!) is that p2 have everything in their favor not just to be recognized on the international stage, but also with success.


Questions of music apart, the artwork, as in the composition of the lyrics in English with its corresponding translation in Catalan and with a singer who sings in an English not learned at night school (like the majority of Spanish bands) is something that anglo Saxon consumers much appreciate.

p2 don't sound like any other group, they sound sincere, the music is detailed, they are very competent instrumentalists and the sound of the CD is magnificent.Pito Costa presents the CD as being based principally on the keyboard and atmospheres but the sound is tremendously organic. It's difficult to find similarity with other groups and the few that one does find are momentary. A spot of Latimer, an instrumental passage à la Yes, a Vangelis like atmosphere or Tangerine Dream, a fragment of Lito Vitale. All these can be found in the 25 minute title track of the album, but there's more: sound effects, echoes of Mediterranean jazz and traditional Spanish music. The second theme of the CD “La Revifada” (5:53) is more energetic and less oniric and although not as strong as the first, the interventions of Verdu on the guitar and the synth solos are worthy of mention. “Piano two” (3:23) is a very tranquil theme with beautiful sounds of the synth over which the piano and flute is played. “L7” (7:13) is a more rhythmical piece that reminds one of Oldfield at his best and the guitar assumes control along side the keyboards producing a spectacular finale. The last track “The end” (7:13) is a great piano ballad with a very good vocal intervention from Alex Warner and sounds similar to the mid tempo numbers that Fish so liked. As is habitual, the song rises in intensity culminating in a classic climax, with melodically guitar solos. The last solo is especially moving and will be suitable for all musical tastes. In spite of not being the best track on the CD and as the only 'Mainstream track' it certainly provides a fitting epilogue.


To carry describing this CD would be a mistake. I simply wish to say that if you'd like to sample p2's music for yourselves you can do so at his brilliant web site. Where all the songs are present. As a touching detail Pito Costa dedicates this CD to the memory of his grandmother Miquela who died in 1998 who would be very proud to see Pito reaping the rewards from his hard work well done. Quite probably the 'tomorrow' p2 claim 'is another day', will be the day in which band achieves the international status it so deserves.

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Alfonso Algora - March 2001 -   - Warner Tales Music