Pharnal - Limbes - 2018


“... progressive jazz fusion ...”


Pharnal is a progressive rock band from Lyon, France. The band had the brilliant idea to connect all their new songs to one long piece of music and filmed the recording of their first EP entitled “Limbes”. Then they put the film on YouTube ... this also attracted the attention of progVisions. When you have found the film on YouTube you will see that the band consists out of five young and talented musicians. Their music has a strong progressive jazz fusion atmosphere but you can also find some metal influences.


Laetitia Bertrand - bass; Gillian Bayle - drums; Thomas Buskulic - guitar; Thibault Chevalier - guitar; Matthieu Dussaule - piano


As I told you before this EP consists out of one long continuous piece of music. It is entitled “Limbes and is in fact a combination of several themes that are seamlessly connected to each other. The bridges between the themes are often made by keyboard player Matthieu Dussaule. This works very well. The choice for two guitar players (Thomas Buskulic & Thibault Chevalier) is also an interesting one. Both guitar players have their moments of fame with nice solo’s and the second guitar player can support those moments with rhythm guitar parts. Female bass player Laetitia Bertrand also attracts the necessary attention with her fine performance. And in the later part of this composition you can enjoy also a kind of drum solo by Gillian Bayle that is woven into the music. Not sure about this but I think that keyboard player Matthieu Dussaule is the main composer of the band. In any case, I am impressed by his wonderful performance.


Seeing the video gives an extra dimension to the music. The music is completely instrumental but it has the needed diversity to keep the attention of the listener. I would like to describe the music as progressive jazz fusion with some metal injections. Personally I am curious about how the band’s music will develop. The French band Pharnal consists out of a bunch of young and talented musicians. Nice to see young musicians following their passion. Just check this out and see for yourself .... 

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