Omnia - Hormonal - 2003


This is a conceptual album with a pessimistic vision of life. Although the album has been recorded this year, it sounds like early 80´s pop-rock. Omnia´s players are Federico Fernández (drums and percussion), Hernán Naccarato (bass), Nicolás Núñez (vocals), Pablo Sangineto (keyboards and piano) and Sebastián Perossa (guitars). Rodrigo Socolsky plays flute as guest musician.


As I told you, the album is developed as if it was a conceptual work, but not in a progressive pure sense. Melodies are not linked and aren´t repeated along the album. Let´s say that the concept comes from the capability of putting music over the titles, so they build the following story with the previous title. Look: “The first contact with the world is in a delivery room. Conoce a tus enemigos (Know your foes) says a voice once you are born. Los primeros ojos (The first eyes) you see are your mother´s, then you´ll see everyone else´s eyes. After that there´s a change Hormonal, and for the first time you know the hate, the true sex and the last surprises of life. Mi hermano, yo mismo (My brother, myself) and the rest of your family fade away and you break the cocoon, getting your honorable and obligatory 40 horas (40 hours) of slavery every week, and you´ll see how your body, your hapiness and your enviroment take care of the observance. Lots of women will pass by and only Los peores ojos (the worst eyes) will mark your life, they´ll break and stop the time, freezing you in pain. From that moment on days pass by sad as the sound of a Tren en movimiento (moving train), a constant velocity. You´ll notice that death begins in the autumn of your life, the Ocaso (Dawn), and goes on in a Túnel (Tunnel) with a pathologic hope after falling slept, Ciego del alma (Blind at soul), the real death.

The album is 41 minutes long and the longest track is only six minutes. In the album there are ambicious songs such as “Conoce a tus enemigos”, with an up-tempo beginning a la ELP, but after that it slows down and the track is nothing more than a classic rock, or “Hormonal”, an interesting song but I think it´s not important enough to use it as the title of the album.

There are also calm moments like the beautiful and pleasant “Los primeros ojos”, the best track with a dialogue between piano and flute with a changing dynamism, “Mi hermano, yo mismo” (another mainstream rock song) or the nice “Ocaso”, a very relaxing song. The most sympho song is “los peores ojos” that is developed with enigmatic sketches a la Floyd´s “Time”.


The weakest points are the mix –there are moments, like the start of “Hormonal”, with lots of instruments playing... so there´s a sound saturation and the listener can´t pay attention to each instrument- and Nicolás Núñez´s voice, more powerful than modulated. But on the possitive side I found a band with fresh ideas... and that´s a good new in the progressive world.

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Eduardo Aragón - September 2003 -   - Viajero Inmóvil Records