Obvious - Obvious - 2000


Talking of Obvious means also talking of Andy Jackson, the sound engineer for Pink Floyd that was twice nominated for the Grammy awards thanks to his works. Moreover, for those that know the Spanish band Heroes of the Silencio, I have to remind you that Andy also worked with them on their albums "Parasiempre" and "Avalancha". In addition, talking of Tube Records means also that we are talking about a record label created to produce music related to Pink Floyd. As if it was Alan Parsons, Andy wears now the football coach's suit in order to guide Mark O´Gorman (vocals), Carol Gee (vocals), Bryony Sheamur (vocals), Tom Toms (violin) and former Pink Floyd percussionist Gary Wallis (drums).


As you can imagine, the sound is simply devastating. Every note is at the right place, every effect, every beat... your personal hi-fi will be happy with this CD if we consider the sound quality. That is the first relation with Pink Floyd, which is, no doubt, the band that has had the best studio (and live) sound of all times. The second relation is the artwork, very similar –despite the lack of a booklet - to some of those designs used by Gilmour and friends.

And it’s here that we may put an end the basic relation to Floyd. Don't you expect to find here a band similar to Schizophonia or Solar Project just trying to recreate again the "Dark Side of the Moon". Andy Jackson is not a guy that only understands technology and recording techniques, but rather someone who adds an indefinable personality to his own compositions, thus approaching a very peculiar way of understanding progressive rock. Listening things like the intro on "More bads" or "Angel's" musical line we will be able to realize Andy’s real influence on the Floyd, though the musical spectrum is still very wide. "Angel" evokes the feeling present on the last Gabriel's works; on "More bads" we can find a cinema-like feeling within a Porcupine Tree context and Crimson-like ending; on "Me=mc2" there is a chorus that can be placed between the Beatles and ELO and that also includes some cow mooing and acoustic sections that clearly remind of Lou Reed; "Flimflam man" sounds as if Marc Bolan's ghost was singing from a distant planet; on "Motherless child" there are some echoes of Pink Floyd as in a more futurist context, closer to Porcupine Tree on their last works, just the same as on "Wax into water". A mini-suite called "Laika" closes the CD and lasts almost 10 minutes. It begins in a totally acoustic way and then finishes full of spacy developments, with a succession of electric and acoustic parts performed in a very natural way, including even at moments some accents of "The Edge" on a typically Floydian atmosphere.


I suppose that not all progheads will like this CD, but those of you that are keen on bands with more “futurist” tendencies like Porcupine Tree, then you’ll really enjoy it. If you are looking in Obvious for a prolongation or extension of Pink Floyd's music then you won’t find it here; but if you are looking for a good album, with great sound, an improved production and very original tracks, you will surely make a good choice by listening to Obvious. By the way, this CD can only be acquired through the Internet and you will also be able to listen to some fragments of all tracks (then you’ll realize that I’m not fooling you)

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Alfonso Algora - December 2000 -   - Tube Records