Nuclearte - Endo - 2016



“... Endo has a relaxed and dreamy atmosphere ...”


Black Widow Records is distributing the album “Endo” from the etno-world group Nuclearte. A project originated from Palermo, Sicily - Italy. In the year 1996 Ramya (Rossana Filippone) founded together with bassist Maurizio Cucuzza Nuclearte. An ethno-world project that uses different languages like Sicilian, Dula (Ivory Coast/Congo) or Sanskrit. They played on several WOMAD festivals, we know of course the name WOMAD because of the Peter Gabriel connection. “Endo” is dedicated to Giordano who connects quantum physics to spirituality.


Ramya (Rossana Filippone) - vocals; Maurizio Cucuzza - basses and keys; Luca Rinaudo - programming and keys; Sergio Schifano - guitars; Antonio Leta - drums

Additional musicians:
Salvo Totohm Volturno - hang drums (1,5,9,10)
Nino Errera - drums & percussion (1,2,4,5,6,7,9,10)
Giovanni Di Giandomenica - piano & additional keys
Francesco Biscari - cello (1,5,7,9,10)
Stefano Saletti - oud (2)


I found little info about this project on the Internet. Looking at the bands Facebook page, I believe that the Endo project has been established by means of a MusicRaiser funding campaign. The MusicRaiser funding page is giving the following information about the Endo project;

“Endo” is the new project of Nuclearte the acclaimed exo-electro world band based in Sicily, the Italian island. “Endo” is the bridge between the world of terrestrial humans and an alien world set in an imagery way in the Pleiades star system, source and the inspiration of Nuclearte’s music research. The essence of “Endo” is in an ancestral language preserved as an ancient memory within the humankind, but still present in other realms of the Cosmos. The lead vocalist Ramya brings herself to an unprecedented experimental level, in freeing the lyrics from the known idioms of Planet Earth. The result is an interstellar language made of sounds and purely emotional vibes. “Endo” blends some archetypal atmospheres of Progressive, with the pulse of the World and Reggae Music, thus driving the listener into a multidimensional electronic state of mind.

I will shorty explain how I experienced listening to their album “Endo”. So not an extensive review, also because this music does not fall under the label of Symphonic and/or Progressive rock, which is the framework of progVisions.

“Endo” is a collection of 10 dreamy world-music tracks with an electronic and acoustic atmosphere. The character of the music is built on the vocals of Ramya. She developed her own language and uses her voice more like an instrument. It is all about expression and vibration. When I heard the unknown language for the first time I had to think of the way Dead Can Dance singer Lisa Gerhard uses her voice. Not that I would compare both singers. In the music you can hear African, Mediterranean and Arabic influences. However there is often an electronic basis you can also hear acoustic instruments like the cello or the Arabic Lute (Oud). I think that this “Endo” project of Nuclearte will address the more open-minded music lover.


I enjoyed listening to this “Endo” album from the Nuclearte project. As I said before it is not a progressive rock album. The album has a relaxed and dreamy atmosphere. The voice of Ramya is bringing African, Mediterranean and Arabic elements to the music. You decide if you you are open to this kind of music.

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Douwe Fledderus - December 2016 -   - Almendra Music (distributed by Black Widow Records)