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Nuno Filipe - Seance - 2006

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" Seance brings us a melange of piano's, electronica, orchestral keyboards and special vocal appearances"


This time progVisions will introduce you to a musician who is making delicate music that can touch your heart. Nuno Filipe is from Madeira Island, Portugal where he is working as producer, composer and arranger for local artists. But he is also a jazz musician ... a pianist. And last year he released "Seance" on his own record company Nicetrip Music. He studied not only at the local conservatory, but also in Paris (major degree in composition). The samples I found on their website touched my heart. After contacting him he send me his album. So now I can tell you about his special music.


Nuno Filipe - piano, keyboards & programming; Ricardo Dias - slap bass; Coro juvenil do G.C.E.A. - choir, Mario André - guitars, Vitor Sardinha - additional guitars; Chico Freitas & Aquilino Silva - brass section; Lino Rodrigues - tinwhistle; Bruno Lucas - guitars, Susana Reis - Vocals,; Norberto Gomes - violin; Jose Rodrigues - drums; Maud Pinzoni - backing vocals; Emanuel Juanito - Radio broadcaster

Lyrics written by Maud Pinzoni, Lou Reed, Jackie Taman, José Vieira & Carolina Gouveia, Rusu Cristina and Melanie Fraude. Lyrics performed by Maud Pinzoni, Beto Madeira, Nuno Filipe, Tasha Glis, Coro juvenil do G.C.E.A. and Melanie Fraude.


The first track of this album is called "No one knows I'm here". Beside the tasteful electronica samples the main instrument is a delicate piano. A nice opening of the album where the electronica is bringing you the rhythms and the piano the melodies. The song almost seamlessly goes into the next track "Fulgi de Iarná" which has some classical influences. The choir of Coro juvenil do G.C.E.A. is performing the lyrics of Rusu Cristina in this song full of beautiful melodies. A mix of celestial voices, classical keyboard strings and piano. Next is my favorite song "Plain" that has very beautiful keyboard strings that are combined with a delicate vocal line sung in French. A beautiful combination ... I just love this song! Next is a song called "Moon approach" which has some tasteful samples. A slow song with a romantic feeling. It reminds me of the work of Suzanne Ciani. Later on in this piece the tempo is going upwards. Again tasteful use of samples and voices in this song. In "Take off" Melanie Fraude sings/speaks here own lyrics in German. She gives a very passionate performance. The use of several languages on this album works very well. It gives the songs an own identity. "Bond" is sometimes swinging but at the same time it is relaxed and has some filmic melodies. Sadly this is the last song of the first part of this album. Because for me the magic of the first six tracks is gone. The first songs are very strong and are melted together by the relaxed atmosphere, the piano, the beautiful strings and the great production. "Lounge" is based on samples of voices of people at a party. It is more a pop song. "Tunnel" has some disco influences ... it has a beautiful ending but the magic is gone. Next is a cover of a Lou Reed song "Satellite of love". The good thing is that Nuno Filipe made his own version. It is well done but I don't think it is fitting on this album. The lyrics of "Love" are from Jackie Taman and are sung by Nuno Filipe himself. It is a slow and delicate ballad. I almost lost my interest in this album .... but the last song brings back the magic again. The choir is back, there is a delicate acoustic (classical) guitar and the beautiful strings and melodies are back. The tasteful combination of the piano, the keyboard strings and the electronics reminds me again of the early works of Suzanne Ciani.


"Seance" is an album with two faces. For me the diversity is too big. The contrast between the first six tracks and tracks seven to ten is very high. I love those first six tracks. It has a mellow and a kind of ambient atmosphere. Very relaxed and packed with beautiful melodies. Also the fact that the lyrics are sung in different languages works very well. The production is good, those first six tracks are like one big piece. I enjoyed listening to this album very much. And I'm very curious about the development of Nuno Filipe's music. "Seance" is a wonderful album to listen too after a hectic working day. If you like mellow music with beautiful piano, vocals and orchestral strings ....

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