No-Man - Together We're Stranger - 2003


No-Man is a very veteran band (duo), but not very popular. Tim Bowness, an enigmatic and calm vocalist, and the worldwide known Steven Wilson, in charge of musical affairs playing several instruments, are accompanied by some musicians who provide extra shades to their music. This time the collaborators are: Ben Castle-clarinet and flute, David Picking - trumpet, sounds and percussions, Michael Bennett - guitars, Stephen Bennett - noise, organ and cymbal, Peter Chilvers – bass, and Roger Eno - Harmonium


They have a very interesting and long career to discover and diverse albums with a predominance of elegance and good taste, and now they release “Together We`re Stranger” following the path of their previous album, “Returning Jesus” but with some slight differences. This album is less vocal-oriented and more instrumental-oriented, and it´s further to songmatic tracks, so everything is more compacted, lineal, and minimalist, but the essence remains the same.

The music inside the album is mainly.. (well, it´s very difficult to describe some styles, isn´t it?) a form of expression plenty of sensibility, subtle and well crafted despite the apparent simplicity. They use lots of musical pastel colors to get an atmosphere that relax the mind and where the hidden feelings awake. No-Man is not a musical laboratory searching for innovative formulas, but you can notice the intention of creating and searching new textures, new harmonies and melodies.. but never freaky (it´s the beauty inside simplicity).

The seven tracks are linked and you can listen to the whole album without any sudden shock. There are no highlights but there are amazing arrangements, a tight instrumentation, and a very personal voice providing a comfortable melancholy to everybody who search for mental comfort in the music.

“Together We`re Stranger” is like a broken tap in a lonely and majestic house where clean musical drops are falling while the sound floods everything in an almost intoxicating way and where Tim´s whispering voice tries to hypnotize you.


Don´t worry about the weather. If you listen to this cd and close your eyes, it´ll be a peaceful autumn evening, and your fuzz will be bristled by a slow whisper.

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Julio Fernández - October 2003 -   - K-Scope / Snapper