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New Machine is the new band of Mascot Records. The band is formed only for two members (no one knows how they will do it to play their songs live in): David García on drums, keyboards and voice and Bob Gilmartin on guitars, bass and voice.

They were friends already from their childhood so they decide to create this new band called New Machine. Engineered & produced by Eric Rachel (Symphony X among others) in Trax East Studios they are a new and fresh band that plays progressive rock & they are ready to eat up the world music market.


To begin we should highlight the excellent sound quality of the album. Good job in the mixing & mastering process carried out by Mr Rachel.

"Going Home" and "New Horizon" are the first two tracks of the album. Already from the beginning we can perceive the influence of bands like Rush and Marillion. Pure progressive rock without virtuosities or complicated parts. "Falling" is a soft song. Its simple but pleasant melody of guitar introduces us in a melancholic and encircling sound. "Blood in the Ocean" reminds us to bands like Supertramp and sometimes with touches of Spock’s Beard. A beautiful melody during the whole song that is able to catch us totally. To wake up a bit "In the Wake" is presented like one of the hardest topics of the album. We find rhythms of pure hard rock inserted with capable progressive parts that even remember to the band called Tool. "Cold" and "Forgotten Man" continues in the wave like the previous song but in this time central parts & the vocal melodies reminds bands like Pink Floyd. "Meant to be" is like a quite calmer song. This time we perceive new influences like bands like The Beatles. A beautiful song full of feeling and melody. "A Thousand Lies" is focused mostly to the guitar. Several solos during the whole song and heavy rhythms take protagonism in this track. To end they leave with an 11 minutes song called "Waterfront" to relax us. That sound reminds enough to Kansas. A soft but attractive acoustic guitar leaves us a good taste to finish the CD.


New Machine is not sold like a very original band inside what refers to the progressive music, but it’s necessary to highlight, among the bands that practice its style, that they have known how to highlight forgotten influences. A good premiere for this New Machine. We hope to see them on stage some day, of course, with some more musicians around them.

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Germán Villén - November 2003 -   - Mascot