Nightwish - Wishmaster - 2000


After having listened and reviewed the CD of rarities and live tracks "Over the hills and far away", I promised myself to listen to more material of a band that had surprised me, as I explained in the review.


Unfortunately, and although I don't share Jordi Torras´ definition about the band ("Stratovarius with soprano"), I must affirm that my sixth sense didn't fail me and that the trap in which Nightfall falls (as the 80% of the European bands of progressive metal do) is the repetition of outlines. Nevertheless, Nightwish maintains a personality that distances them from the rest of the bands of the genre. I don't know... maybe it is the voice of Turja Turunen, maybe be the exquisite and epic keyboards arrangements, maybe be the impeccable, clear and solid production. Anyway it is clear that if there is no "songs" there´s no quality. And Nightwish has songs. The band tries to give to each song a different sound and mood but inside the same style, and they don't they use excessive "sword and sorcery" elements as some bands of supposed progressive metal have accustomed us.

Stratovarius with soprano?. Too unjust. Let us think of a band of big musicians that compose catchy epic songs, and that we could locate them musically speaking in a no man's land in which would share similarities with After Forever, Dreams of Sanity or Hammerfall. Although it is a band oriented to teenager heavy metal warriors, you won´t waste your money if you buy a Nightwish CD (only one, of course) in order to listen when you´re driving or if you want to have a good timer. You will find something different but anything new (I hope you understand the difference). Anyway I prefer "Over the hills..." (there are many "Wishmaster´s" songs).


Hollywood-sympho-metal with soprano?. Definitively.

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