Mythologic - Standing in Stillness - 2003


We’re in Mixture Times. Almost everything has been already done, sung or written. Therefore the remaining way to create is to use all influences to express our own thoughts. And this could be a good way to begin the definition of Mythologic, but never from the start point proposed by themselves or at least by their promotional information sheet, in which I can read such names like Rush or Fates Warning. Of course there are passages with Rush “similar” structures, but Rush always know how to exit from their own instrumental worlds and Mythologic don’t always know how to do this.


Even if the members of Mythologic came from very Progressive former projects like Andeavor, the mixture given to “Standing In Stillness”, the name of this album, goes through a very different range of styles in two sides: first it takes us to at least 3 or 4 times listening to the album as it is difficult to get into it, secondly this very same question can give a first impression of “there are too many influences inside the songs for the songs to become attractive enough”.

The first song starts with a cappella called “Magic To Breathe” in which the clear sound and the crystal voice of female singer Melissa Rodler start taking us away to a trip soon followed by “In Solitude”, second track starting with a very atmospheric solo from Chris Rodler that could remain of Rothery’s Wishing Tree. However it suddenly changes to the style that remains on the rest of the album: a kind of Progressive with Metal elements. And here arrives the “problem”: The rhythm section (the brothers Brett Rodler on drums and again Chris Rodler on bass) shows not only the skills of this musicians along with Steve Matusik but their aim to reach a higher level for the always mentioned cliches of bands like Dream Theater or Rush. But the point is that while these extraordinary musicians develop very interesting passages (specially on tracks “Flash Of Red” and “Truth Undiscovered”), the voice and the melodies take another path very different from the whole concept of the songs. If the music can be sometimes compared to Rush, the vocal work can be compared perfectly with the style of bands such Nightwish, Lacuna Coil, The Gathering and Tapping the Vein, bands that has nothing to do with the instrumental ideas the band is talking about. I mean, there are brilliant intros, outro's and guitar solos along with some heavy riffs working together with a rhythm section that take our attention during almost the whole album, but upon all this effort, the singer repeats in seven songs more than one melody, keeping the same tone of voice during the seven tracks without any change on all different travels from song to song. This is quite predictable specially in track number 5, “A Dim Too Dark” that could be defined as a song too long for so very different ideas along 9:41 minutes of time.


In any case this is a very interesting experiment that shows on both good and bad way how irreconcilable styles can try to follow a same way from the Progressive source form which the musicians still drink their instrumental lines. At the end the idea that remains is the powerful mixture of heavy riffs with a mellow voice taking us through the first approach to a new world in which the mythology has still to follow the much more interesting instrumental efforts to reach new original ways to discover songs.

The most perfect moment is the end of the album: “out of control / and out of your hand / all you can do is watch” followed by an outro melody by Rodler guitar keeping us awake until the last note and the last breath from Melissa stops

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Raul Nuñez Rolo - November 2003 -   - PMM