Macabre Studios - Passion play - 2000


Only 16 minutes of music in Macabre Studios' second work (see the review of their first work in progVisions) but it demonstrates a great maturity and evolution of Mattias Snygg –in charge of composition and instruments of the four pieces of this CD -, which moves away from the previous heavenly sounds and enters more than in the progressive rock arena.


The CD includes four songs. In the first of them, "Passion play" (4:20) we can observe the influence of classic bands in Macabre Studios' music. An electronic-medieval piece of great lyricism and with big changes of tempo and intensity. "Electric sheep" (4:08) returns us to the Macabre Studios of the first CD, a more electronic but musically consistent piece that contains elements of "Astradyne" of Ultravox (that song by Ultravox is unequivocally progressive!!) and of Giorgio Moroder. Particularly I consider this to be the worst of the four songs, although some light years better than the first CD. "Visions from afar" (2:57) is a beautiful intimate piece that conjugates the lyricism of an electronic Camel with the sensibility of Enya. The best thing comes at the end, and it is "Eastern moon" (5:01), the mine Macabre Studios should explore to be catapulted into the first division of the European ambient-electronic music. A track full of power, rhythm changes and film structure that remembers to the more sci-fi/urban Vangelis ("Blade Runner") and that adds some interesting eastern arrangements.


When valuing the CD globally, I should say that it is not the same to give three stars to a band with economic and technical resources as Yes (for example) than to a young multi-instrumentalist that, taking out hours of his daily activities, records his own songs. This is why, inside the logical limitations and looking at it from a totally objective perspective, this CD has a lot, a lot of merit and, with the opportune support and resources, it can end into being a very interesting project in a near future. Resources and technology can be bought with money, talent can not.

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Alfonso Algora - November 2000 -   - Independent Release