Molesome - Dial - 2018


“... progressive and innovative ...”


Molesome is one of the many projects of Mattias Olsson. Most of you will know him from the band that he joined when he was only 17 years old, Ånglagård. Last month progVisions published a review about the latest release of the Italian band Il Tempio Delle Clessidre. Mattias plays drums, keyboards and is responsible for all kind of processed sounds on that album. An attentive progVisions reader will recognize his name also from projects/bands like Necromonkey, Weserbergland or White Willow to name a few.¬†


Mattias Olsson - all instruments and sound processing 


After “Songs for Vowels and Mammals”, “Dial” is the second Molesome album. This album was born out of frustration that everything around him was moving slow. Recording and writing albums became huge massive projects with to do lists, notation, session musicians, editing, self doubt and very often it seemed like very little of the initial rush of passion that started the projects survived at the end.

With “Dial” Mattias had the idea of creating a piece that would emulate the feeling of listening to a radio and shifting through the stations but occasionally staying deliberately between stations and just listening to the noise with little pieces of music bleeding through. The result is a continuous piece of music with a duration of almost 33 minutes. An intriguing piece of music that was done in about a week. The idea of listening to the radio and shifting through the stations works very well. The music is recorded in one continuous flow and could be described as an electronic and ambient piece of music . Electronic noise with little pieces of music bleeding through. Voices are used for the texture of the sounds. Love the trumpet and the Mellotron in the music. At one point I had to think of innovative musicians like Brain Eno and Harold Budd. This said, you will understand that this piece of music is for the open minded music lover. The music includes also a lot of industrial sounds and percussion samples.


If you have an open mind you will enjoy this piece. The brilliant thing about is that is has a kind of flow that never stops and the sounds keep on shifting. In this way the composition stays interesting and intriguing. This album won’t be be everybody’s cup of tea, but talking about progressive and innovative music, this is exactly what it is. Enjoy!

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Douwe Fledderus - May 2018 -   - Roth Handle Studios