Mohodisco - Kaloomith - 2003



This project with a strange name (well, it sounds freaky in spanish language) is the vehicle chosen by Bruce White, a north american multi-instrumentist who, along with some friends, releases a varied and coloured instrumental album. I´m happy to review these kind of Cds because it shows that our favorite genre is still alive and kicking, artistically talking. Of course I´m not talking about the sales, but there´s a lot of passion inside progressive world.

Bruce is a young musician who plays guitars, synths, bass, and also produces, arranges, etc. To date he has released three albums: “Bloomington Electronic – Music Coalition Vol. 1” (98), “Mohorific Discontinuity” (96), and this “Kaloomith”. I haven´t listened to the previous albums but if they´re half as good as this one I´ll be satisfied.


We have to forget all topics about multi-instrumentist´s albums when we listen to “Kaloomith”. We won´t find here a boring new age musician playing eight hundred variations of the same chord, and we won´t find a virtuoso who plays all instruments trying to show us that he´s a “total-musician”. Bruce is accompanied by good musicians (too many to name them) who play some percussions here, a didgeridoo there, an electric violin over there, etc. In short, an album with good musicians and an album with good songs.

Because of the instrumental character of the album I won´t review all the tracks in depth. I´ll simply tell you that inside “Kaloomith” there´s room for short tracks with good arrangements and spacey aromas (“Praxis”, “Our paths are sonic waves”, “The Source”) that could remind of the softer and less crazy Hawkwind or of Jean Michel Jarre or Vangelis. The names of Transcience or Djam Karet (“The Devouring” or “Suspension and Displacement”) come to my mind too (“Gravity”, “Soft and Sharp”).


A very good album plenty with electronic sounds but with an organic and human attitude. Don´t lose the trace of this musician.

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Alfonso Algora - June 2003 -   - Independent Release