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“... Progressive Jazz Rock from Italy ...”


Möbius Strip is a young progressive jazz-rock band from Italy. They got their inspiration of the object of the same name. A Möbius Strip geometrically connects the two sides of the same surface by starting a path on one of them. This also became the purpose of the musicians, to combine different styles and influences. The band leader keyboardist Lorenzo Cellupica is responsible for all the six compositions you can find on this fine debut album that has been released on the Musea Parallele label.


Lorenzo Cellupica - piano, organ, keyboards; Nico Fabrizi - tenor sax, alto sax,flute; Eros Capoccitti - electric bass; Davide Rufo - drums


The opening track is called “Bloo” and starts with a delicate piano intro played by leader Lorenzo Cellupica. After this the complete band joins with a jazz fusion part that is more sax oriented. After the second delicate piano part the band's music reminds me of the work of Weather Report or the Dutch band Solution. Of course this has to do with the sax playing of Nico Fabrizi. In the last part bass player Eros Capoccitti and drummer David Rufo are getting some room to distinguish oneself. Nice opener of a fine album.

The next track “Deja Vu” has beautiful piano and sax melodies. You will also notice that the recording of the drums is wonderful done. Every little detail of the cymbals can be heard. Again the name of the Dutch band Solution crossed my mind. The later band used more synths in their music and I think Möbius Strip is more jazz oriented. The opening and ending piano melodies reminds me also of some of the releases on the wonderful Narada label. A label that was the home of artists like David Lanz, Wayne Gratz and David Arkenstone. “First Impressions” is also a piece that has some Weather Report references. The sax has an important role as in this composition. But you can also find some fine drumming in this piece.

The short piece “Call It A Day” is a beautiful piano piece. The delicate piano is accompanied by a fretless bass guitar. A beautiful and delicate piece. In the piece “Andalusia” you can find of course some Spanish atmospheres and rhythms. Lorenzo is playing some wonderful piano parts in this composition which has a brooding atmosphere. In the last part you can find some freaky sax parts. The album closes with the title track “Möbius Strip”. In this piece Lorenzo plays besides the piano also organ and several keyboards. This gives the piece the needed diversity. For me this track is one of the highlights of this album. In this piece all the musicians are showing their musical talents. It is a worthy ending of a fine album which is more jazz fusion oriented than prog oriented.


The young Italian progressive jazz-rock band Möbius Strip has made a fine debut album. The music is more jazz fusion oriented then prog oriented but I am sure that under the readers of progVisions there are a lot of open minded music lovers who are also listening to jazz fusion oriented bands. In more than one occasion I had to think of the music of Weather Report and the Dutch band Solution. Maybe this is because of the important role of the sax. But the star of this albums is composer and band leader Lorenzo Cellupica who impressed me with his compositions and fine piano playing.

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Douwe Fledderus - June 2017 -   - Musea Parallele