Mind Gallery - Three meals from revolution - 2000


I agree on many things with our founder but if there is something in which we fully coincide, it is on the point that the famous "rebirth" of progressive rock thanks to bands like Marillion, IQ or Pendragon is only fifty percent true. Bands like Edhels, Djam Karet or even Mind Gallery were creating some very interesting music when Marillion and Co. were still tuning their guitars.


Well, Mind Gallery is a Canadian instrumental band (by the way, is there any bad Canadian band?) whose origins go back to 1978, a year in which Tracy Gloeckner (drums) and Elio Bruno (keyboards) joined their forces to create one year later along with Mike Anderton (bass) the band One Eyed King. Ten years later Gary Bourgeois (guitar) joined them. That line up, already under name of Mind Gallery, introduced to the market the interesting album "The Lemmings" were pushed in 1991, and Guilty until proven rich four years afterwards, and without talking of the video "Alive in the Net". In 2000, these irreverent Canadians very committed to humanitarian causes and with a very cynic vision about the world in which we live, present Three meals from revolution, an album that, I tell you, is simply majestic.

I won't talk about the tracks one by one since Mind Gallery is a band that you really have to listen in order to understand all their potential. I can only tell you that their instrumental skills when developing passages, their experimental capacity and creation of sounds, etc., put them at the forefront of bands of difficult progressive rock and of constant search of musical expression. Themes like the oppressive "Armageddonouddahere" (6.13), "Walking the dogma" (6:55) or the most intricate moments in "To the four winds" (8:06) take us to the best moments of the American band Djam Karet or to the more distorted King Crimson. In other tracks, the band’s great skills are noticed when facing jams from a predetermined basis ("Free the free" (4:45)). There are some more easily affordable and more melodic songs –if we say it that way- like "The increate" (6:55), "Ennui in you" (3:10), the quasi-Tull "Medieval to fullevil" (7:45) or "Custer´s last stand" (7:05)


There are times words are not even necessary. "Three meals from revolution" is one of those "damned" discs that will live inside the ocean of musical mediocrity that surrounds us, but that will remain in the fortunate memory of the few ones that give an opportunity to this band. An unpredictable and impressive band and an album that I highly recommend you if you like the instrumental and original progressive rock style.

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Alfonso Algora - July 2000 -   - Socan Records